Weekend Writing Goals

Saturday, May 27, 2006

I wrote a fairly decent post and blogger ate it. Arrrggghh. So, this weekend I'm gonna try and do what I did last weekend--13 pages, but hopefully 13 I can keep. And I'll be writing on the Quickpad, so the temptations of the internet will be minimal. I'll check in on Sunday.
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Jaye said...

Urk, just did the Census thing. ::brain damaged by sheer boredom brought on by filling out Govermental forms:: Did you know you had to do it *by law*? Ever stinking time it comes up, I throw the package out thinking it's optional. But they've been plastering the radio channels with *friendly* reminders.

Now going to write. :-P

Uhm, it occurs to me I might end up doing that running commentary thing I did last weekend. You've been warned.

raine said...

Uhm, it occurs to me I might end up doing that running commentary thing I did last weekend. You've been warned.

(Raine, pulling up a chair, popcorn, and spackle...)

Jordan Summers said...

Good luck!!! I'm right there with you, except my goal is two chapters. :D

Jorrie Spencer said...

I had fun with that census thing. *rolls eyes* Because it took minutes to load each damned page.

Anyway. Done.

Running commentary, yay!

Jaye said...

Well, I did 9 pages this week-end. Yay, me. But.... I was going to update the counter, I haven't done so in a long while, and well, it's the same page count. LOLwaaaaaaah! I guess all that tweaking and editing took it's toll. Yet, I'm further ahead in the story/plot. So, go figure. There isn't anything else to cut and paste from this point on, so the counter should be going up steadily.

I also managed to do a crit for a good buddy, and arranged to do another crit for another friend this weekend. Plus.... vetted my kid's Hamlet essay. Annnnd.... got another contest entry in shape for submission. So, not too shabby a weekend in terms of writing related things. ::happy::

Amie Stuart said...

LOL Jaye that's funny!!! But progress is progress and you did more than me. Not only didn't I get anything done, I forgot to mail the house insurance payment *sigh*

Who needs ritalin?

mini-vinnie-me said...

I have to set writing goals soon too. Real soon.
From when I wrote heaps (mostly un-useable, but at least out of the system), I now have the ideas floating around, and have to get them out and set them free.

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