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Sunday, May 14, 2006

Over on Jorrie's blog to the Dark Lover post. We were talking about Lover Eternal, the second book in The Brotherhood of the Black Dagger series.

I wanted to recommend another book I'd read awhile ago, which shared some of the elements of EL that I loved, but ended up on a wee bit of a rant. *gg*

So, here's the response I wrote, then cut and pasted after I decided it was waaay too long and I needed to bring it over here.

By the way, the book in question is still one I would reccomend reading.

I love "intense" too. Especially when the (Alpha) male is so *focused* on the heroine, not just sexually, but also in being very protective. I think that's why, even though I think DARK LOVER is a better book, I loved LOVER ETERNAL more.

Along the same lines--since I recall you also love werewolf books-- is Kresley Cole's last release: A Hunger Like No Other.

I liked the book for the intensity/sexual tension between the H/h (particularly on the H's side). And I liked the world building and secondary characters. This one would have been a keeper, but I got SUPREMELY irked at the constant "consummation interruptus" lovescenes.

It got to the point where I felt like I was being jerked around (heh). I could see no good reason why the H/h didn't just go ahead and *do it*, no matter what 'interruption'--whether internal/external--that the author wrote into the scene. The whole "No Not Now!" felt artificial and I could practically see the strings being pulled on these puppets characters, rather than buying into the (non)development re sex as being organic to the story/character conflicts.

Yeah, Yeah, I know the hero was portrayed--and very well done so--as being dangerous/uncontrollable, and that the heroine feared him. But it was the same premise used in Lover Eternal, and the outcome (response of this reader) was vastly different.

In Lover Eternal, there were very strong/good reasons (on both H/h's parts) why the early love scenes didn't quite come to their natural conclusion. Yet, Rhage/Mary still managed to take it pretty far in terms of foreplay, etc.

Which felt far more believable than the usual-- *grinding/touching/kissing 'Oh No I/we Shouldn't' because [insert here excuse that becomes weaker/lamer every time it's paraded out]* --reasons of non-compliance (heh) that get used in too many romance books.

Let's just say, if Mary had been a literal virgin, after the first few interactions with Rhage, that state of being would have been a mere 'technicality'. ;-)

::pantpant:: Can you tell I've wanted to rant about this for awhile? lol. The book is worth reading though, and I'll most likely read the second book. It's a pity that what was so clearly on it's way to being a keeper almost turned into a wallbanger. Although, I guess if Ms. Cole hadn't pulled me into the world/emotions of AHLNO so well and so deeply, my reaction wouldn't have been so strong. So hats off to her.

LOL. think I'm gonna take this one over to my blog. :-P

And here I am. ;-)
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Jorrie Spencer said...

I'll have to look up Cole's book. (And now I'm dying to get hold of Lover Eternal. Tomorrow.)

I do love intense, protective heroes, although those books are sometimes marred by silly heroines—not saying these books are, I add hastily.

I also think that it is quite risky to interrupt love scenes, especially these days when readers often expect early, explicit scenes. (Having said, that I have one such scene! But only one.)

Anyway, I feel your pain. It's hard to see those strings being pulled.

But, thanks for the rec. I haven't enjoyed a werewolf book for quite a while.

Jaye said...

Jory, I'm not saying the 'interupted' love scenes can't happen, only that an author has to be careful in how she does this. If the sexual tension between the H/h in AHLNO hadn't been SO HAWT, the (too many) amputated scenes wouldn't have irritated me so much. The book was enjoyable, though. I LOVED the hero and the secondary characters were all well done, as was the backstory/world building.

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