Pig Personality Test

Thursday, May 18, 2006

What does your inner pig say about you? Draw A Pig

Based on my drawing:

*I'm a realist. (true)

*I believe in tradition(sorta true), I'm friendly(true), and I remember dates (birthdates, etc. (so not true)::snort:: ).

*I'm emotional(true) and naive(nope), care little for details(not true) and I'm a risk-taker(sorta true).

*I'm insecure(not true) *or* am living through a period of major change.(so very true)

*I'm a poor listener.(not true)

*I have a poor sex life.Crying Into Tissue
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Sasha White said...

You're a great listener...and I really hope you don't have bandages all over your head. LOL

raine said...

Hmmm...my pig says I'm a
Realist. (sometimes)
Traditional. (sometimes)
Analytical & distrustful. (nah...)
Insecure. (oink)
Good listener. (yup).
Good sex life.

Jaye said...

Nope, Sasha. Although maybe I should get my head examined... anyone want to tell me why I'v been up since 9am (it's now 1:30pm) and I *still* haven't opened my wip?

Nay! What sayest thee? The purtian enjoys a better sex life than I? Once again, thou hast riggest the results.

Anonymous said...

I did the pig thing.... however the quality of my sex life shall remain confidential.

Oh... I thought the Alfred E. Newman resemblance to G. W. Bush was uncanny.

Jaye said...

You drew a big honkin' tail didn't you, Dude? ;-)

Yeah, I got a good chuckle out of the Alfred/George transition.

raine said...

Dost thou accuse me of cheating?! :-O

Instead, set about improving thy sex life!
(batteries are the way to go, babe...)

Jaye said...

(batteries are the way to go, babe...)

This advice coming from a puritan, gives whole new meaning to the term 'the second coming' ;-)

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