Thursday, April 27, 2006

I just got Lisa Valdez's (dis)May newsletter:

Dear Friends and Fans,
I regret to inform you that PATIENCE will not be released in August. This is no fault of Berkley's—the responsibility is completely mine. I ran so late with this book, that it became impossible to meet the production schedule. As a reader, I know how frustrating it can be to have to wait for a book, and I hope you will all bear with me. But ultimately, I would rather offer you a strong book, than a rushed book.
The good news is that Berkley has found room in their schedule for November or December. So PATIENCE will be on shelves this year. Thank you all for your support and patience. All I can say is that this book has definitely lived up to its name!

Did I mention, *Sob*?
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Karen Scott said...

Oh wow! I've always wondered why it takes some authors a full year to write a book, whereas the Noras of this world seem to be forever releasing new stuff.

Oh well, as long as it lives up to expectations eh?

Jaye said...

My sentiments, exactly, Karen. I'll wait for a keeper rather than have her 'rush' (for her) the process and end up with something just 'okay'.

It kinda sucks though, I really was looking forward to reading this book this summer.

PBW said...

The process is different for everyone, Karen, as we all work at different speeds. Not every book is a snap, either. Most folks think I can write a book in a blink, but a couple of my novels actually took years to go from conception to finished manuscript. I have one that's been on the hard drive for three years that I may never finish. Second novels are pretty trying, too; especially when your first has been a huge success.

It's nice to see an author who steps up to the plate and squarely shoulders the responsibility for a delayed release versus blaming the muse, the alignment of the planets, etc.

Jaye said...

"...but a couple of my novels actually took years to go from conception to finished manuscript"

PBW, I'm speechless. *gg* Honestly, though, I thought you had your process down cold. It never occurred to me that you too also struggled from time to time.

Jaye said...

Meant to add, thanks for sharing. Some times the achievements/output of pubs, such as yourself, seem a bit unattainable. It' nice to get a more balanced picture.

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