"Jaye, only YOU could go to Vegas and manage to get your COMPUTER a communicable disease"

Tuesday, April 25, 2006


I had a (somewhat) clever title to this post, something along the lines of "The Prodgical Procrastinator Returns", but Dee's comment below, cracked me up. Hence the title.


We had a fabulous time in Vegas. The place is unreal. It doesn't matter what anyone tells you or what you see on TV or in the movies, it's totally awesome in person. Having said that, the first night I thought 'this is a mistake' (Did I mention I don't like crowds?) but I got over that pretty quick. ::grin:: My favourite part was the day we spent at the Grand Canyon. It was a combo tour by 9-seater twin turbo airplane to the edge of the Canyon, Helicopter through the canyon and down to the river's edge, then we climbed down to the bank got on a boat and took a ride up the Colorado river and back. Back on the heli up to the edge, then a short bus ride, first stop an Indian village (Hualapai), then onto a second stop with a more spectacular view of the canyon (a 15 min hike up to the highest point, gives you a 360 view). Just breathtaking. Because the Hualapai own this land (even though it’s a National Park) there are NO safety railings at the canyon’s edge. ::vertigo:: Oh, and there was an all you can eat BBQ at this point too. Then back on the bus to the airport and on the flight back we flew over the Hoover Dam.

Damn. ::grin::

I think the favourite part the weekend for my son was the **23rd Miss Hawaiian Tropics International Pageant that was being held in our hotel ***(The Mirage). Thought the kid was going to have a stroke, or break his neck from craning it so much. (Yeah, he snagged a picture with two of the beauties, one on each arm. heh.)

Quasi-celebrity sighting: Kato Kaelin. Shared an elevator with him twice. He’s still working that 'pool boy' look. ::coughcough:: Apparently he and Lorenzo Lamas were judging the pageant.

As far as shows go, we only saw Penn and Teller, but they were sooo worth it! Very entertaining. Penn has that biting/snarky type humor that I love. Then at one point he says something along the lines of 'and for our final act', and I'm like, what? I'm here waiting for intermission, and you're telling me 90 minutes have gone already! Time really does fly when you're having fun. Did a few other things, walked our feet down to the ankle bone going from one hotel lobby to another along the strip. Had a hoot at Madam Toussau's Wax Museum, hung around the pool, and did a bunch of other stuff. Oh, and ate Denny's grand slam breakfast ever day. And didn't gain a pound. lol.

**Couldn’t find a current link for this year’s pageant.

***’K, looks like the pageant was being held next door at Treasure Island, but the contestants were staying at the Mirage. We ran into them (and Kato) in the elevators enough times.
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raine said...

Welcome back, you.
Sounds like you had a blast. :-)

Jaye said...

Thanks sweetheart. It did me the world of good. From now on I'm putting aside funds every year to take at least one decent (family) vacation. Which means, alas, probably no Rom conferences... :-P (or maybe I can swing a smaller one.)

Dee said...

LOL, you nut! I never thought that comment would make a headline, lol! Boy, you had more fun in Vegas than I ever did! Our idea of a family vacation is going to the mall together. :) You're going to have to share that picture of the boy and two beauties. He might want it made into a mural in his room, lol!

No conferences? Darn it. We'll always have Toronto, I guess, lol. :) (We'll get you there someday!)


Sasha said...

Sounds like a Dam good time!! *grin*

Kato probaly will never change his look because then nobody would recognize him.

Jaye said...

I was very tempted to post that pic of him and the contestants, Dee, but he wasn't too thrilled I posted the other ones, so I won't push my luck. :-P (But maybe I'll sneak in a 24hr type post. heh). And yeah, he's been bugging me to get that single shot developed. ha!

Sash, I noticed Kato's 'swagger' before I realized who he was. :-P

Thanks for dropping by guys!

Amie Stuart said...

Welcome home honey!!!!!! WE missed you! But I'm so glad you had a good time. I know you needed it =)

Jaye said...

Thanks shugs. I really, really, did need that break. I feel like a new woman. :-)

Tara Marie said...

Welcome back...

Lorenzo Lamas and Kato, now, that's a frightening pair of "D List" individuals.

Jordan Summers said...

It sounds like you had a great time. Too bad you didn't get to see Le Reve at the Wynn. It's a fantastic show.

Jaye said...

LOL, Tara. I know! urk. :-P

Jordan, The Wynn was one hotels we didn't get to.

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