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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Last night we saw Lucky Number Slevin. If you like Tarrantino movies, or movies like The Usual Suspects. You'll like this one. It's not as good those other movies, but pretty entertaining none the less. The begining was excellent, and the ending/unwind to the mystery was also 'Wow!' But the middle part was predominated by a quirky/glib humour that felt it was trying too hard. The dialogue in this part of the movie felt really 'stagey' rather than the characters coming off as witty/odd. Still watching Josh Harnett spend the first 15 mins of his screen time in a towel wrapped low (verra low) on his hips.... sigh. That was one top o' the palm I had no problem eyeballing.

Today will be a busy one, first the bank, then go pick up some sidetables for my son's bedroom, then it's my local chapter's RWA meeting. After that I might run some errands, then home and russle up some dinner.

By the way, 2 days ago, this little guy:

turned 18.

(I, of course, remain a perpetual 29).
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Amie Stuart said...

Awwwwwww what a cutie! Tell him happy birthday!!!!!!!!!!

raine said...

Ohhhh, Jaye! What a beautiful baby!
And quite a striking young man!

Lessee...kid is 18...Jaye is 29...
You were quite a precocious little thing, weren't ya? ;-)

Jorrie Spencer said...

Aw, what a cute baby, and a handsome young man. Eighteen, wow. My oldest is thirteen.

Hey, looked at the Toronto RWA schedule. Suzanne is coming in July?

Jaye said...

Cece, Raine, Jorrie- Yeah. I think he's pretty special. I'll pass along the b-day wishes! Can't belieeeeve I have an 18yr old. ::blinkblink::

LOL, Raine. (I grew into my precociousness, just fine, thank ye. heh.)

Karen Scott said...

Hubby and I saw LNS last week, and you summed it up perfectly! I loved it, because I'm a huge Tarantino fan, but I did think that Lucy Liu spent most of the film over-acting her ass off.

I don't think she does happy-go-lucky-young-woman very well. She suits hardier roles, where she's a bitch. Much Like Ling off Ally McBeal, or whatsherface outta Charlie's Angel.

I thought the twist was excellent, and was it just me, or did Josh Hartnett remind you of a young Tommy Lee Jones all the way through that film? (Looks-wise)

Adorable boy child btw!!

Jaye said...

Jorrie, I didn't even see that!! Are you coming down to that meeting? I must drop Suzanne an email.

Jaye said...

Oops. We simu-cyberposted, Karen.

Dead on re Lucy. She sort of had no purpose, except to be the love interest. But I wasn't totally buying her as the ditzy love interest. As you said, the Ally McBeal role, or Kill Bill role were more suited to her.

I also thought Morgan Freeman (his character?) didn't quite work. He was too 'straight'. Everyone else had a quirk, The Boss was kinda 'meh'. It opened in England last week? How'd that happen? lol. My sisters are always bitching about how things open over there, months after they open over here. I think I'll rent LNS when it comes out on DVD. The more I think about the more clever I realize it is. The problem was the execution of the plot progression in the middle of the movie.

And thanks for the compliment on the boy. ::cue motherly pride::

Jorrie Spencer said...

Jaye, I'd love to meet you and Suzanne. I think I'm here in July. So far, I've only been in to one meeting, but I'd like to get in again some time, and that seems a good one.

Sela Carsen said...

Sorry, I'm late, but tell him Happy Birthday from me!! What a handsome young man -- bet you're beating the girls off with a stick!

You, of course, are perpetually young and gorgeous!

Jaye said...

Jorrie, they've had a really great line up of meetings this year. The one we just had on 3-Act plotting was FANTASTIC. I'm thinking *seriously* about signing up for the speakers scriptwriting course at George Brown College. It would be verra cool to meet you in person! (and Suzanne too, lol.)

Jaye said...

Thanks Sela, I'll pass along the HB wish!

Julie Cohen said...

What a good-looking guy. Must run in the family, huh?

Wish him a happy birthday. Have you seen Inside Man yet? I thought that was excellent.

Jaye said...

yeah, he cutie. ::motherly beaming:: Thanks, hon! I'll pass on the B-day wishes.

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