Ever Have One of Those Days?

Saturday, April 01, 2006

Going to have something alcoholic to drink now....
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raine said...

God, I love that photo, lol!!!!

Have one on me, Jaq.

Amie Stuart said...

Me too!!!!!!!! Have one on me too, babe!


Jordan Summers said...

Actually, I think that about sums up my last two weeks. *g*

Avid Reader said...

Oh, dear, hope everything's OK.

I've emailed you my new link!


Jaye said...

Thanks, guys. Things are better except for the PMSing. :-P

Keishon, good thing you posted here. I'm really bad at checking that vanessajaye hotmail. :-P I think I do it about once a month.... I've updated.

Michelle said...

That's hilarious!!!

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