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Friday, March 24, 2006

In the post below, I mentioned that I was plotting using the color-coded post-its method. I lied. I meant I was going to *try* that method, but at the time I was caught up in some world building, back-story stuff. Then last night, I did a scene by scene breakdown for the opening chapters and got a couple of pages written in point-form written.

So this week-end, I've kept my calendar free (for the last couple of months I've been a real social butterfly, going out every week end. Who knew I had a life.). But this week-end I write. And just to make myself accountable, I'll post my results.... daily.

**Saturday update/check in at 11pm: 4 pages. Not bad. Not great. But I got a whole bunch of other stuff done (which need to be done): doctor visit, banking, groceries and more. Tomorrow I hafta to my taxes, hit the gym, a couple of other things, and write. Honestly if I only get another 4 pages down, it'll still be better than nothing. :-P The main thing is, I'm writing again.


Update/check in for Sunday's results: 3 pages. Yeah, worse. But I my defense.... my taxes still aren't complete. I'll just leave it at that. . And I got some other stuff done.


On another topic, I bought one of those memory foam mattress toppers. Not the Tempur-Pedic one, which costs as much as a freakin mattress (in the ball park of $2K--starting price--here in Canada) but a cheaper 'on sale' brand. My mattress isn't top o the line, but it has a couple more years of bounce left in it. Then I just had to get some loverly new sheets and a new duvet cover/pillow sham ensemble (also on sale) to go with it. ::happy smile::

The older I get the more serious I take my sleep time.
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raine said...

Amen on the good sleep attitude!
I LOVE my sleep time.
And getting a Temper-Pedic is actually one of my goals--ever since my back doctor confessed he slept on one once, and it was the best night's sleep he'd ever had in his life...
I'm workin' on it!

Jaye said...

Well, it's the next morning, and while my mattress topper is not Tempur-Pedic, but my *body* is well rested. That is no acheyness.

But the experience was kinda of a surreal. You sort of sink into the foam until you stabilize and then there's a weightless feeling as it cradles your body.

My mattress is *firm*, I can't stand soft ones, so the sinking feeling was soothing and odd at the same time.

Then there's was this 'me-shaped' crater in the middle of the bed this morning. lol. But it started smoothing out within seconds.

I would definitely get a Tempur-Pedic next time I shop for a mattress, or get something sort of like the combination I have now-- I know Serta has has a model that is their famous 'separate coils' thing, with a pillow-top that's made of memory foam.

It's funny, but I never realized how little bits and parts of me ached every morning--whether bone or muscles--untill there was a complete abscence those aches. I feel totally relaxed, didn't even do my morning stretch routine. There's was no need to.

Geez. I gotta shuddup already. :-P

er, Yeah, so get a Tempur-Pedic if you can, Raine. lol

Amie Stuart said...

YUM!!! Sounds like fun shopping!

My mattress sucks. I really need a new one but in the meantime I got a feather mattress topper for the time being. I lvoe it but it gets mushed down.

Amie Stuart said...

PS I'll be watching for that wordcount!

Jaye said...

PS I'll be watching for that wordcount!

Evil woman! lol. I just got in from the doctors, and I'm about to run out again for groceries (which I should have done yesterday evening, if I wasn't so zonked.)

I did look at the feather mattress toppers, but the flattening thing was a strike against it, plus I wondered about the heat retention. Plus, althought you do sink into the memory foam stuff, it's a controlled sinking, you still feel supported. It really conforms to your body.

Okay, I just decided to check the email, but gotta scoot now.

Amie Stuart said...


Jaye said...

LOL! You, madam, are a hard taskmaster. :-P

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