In Praise of Editing

Monday, January 23, 2006

Over on MJ's Buzz, Balls & Hype, Randy Kraft writes about the importance of a writer editing his/her work.

"What can the writer do to improve the odds for success? Edit. Edit. Edit again. Take the time. ... Don’t count on your editor. Not much time for editing these days. Editors acquire, market, and shepherd a book through the labyrinthine publishing process. As a result, agents have taken up some of the editing slack, many were once editors, but they go just so far. More and more, writers take on the responsibility for editing their own words, and that’s hard, sometimes impossible. Even the best writers are too close. Objectivity is crucial."

Not sure about the freelance editor part. (pauses to listen to the distant outraged howls of PBW. ::snick::) But all in all, interesting reading.
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Jordan Summers said...

I'm sure at some point a freelance editor might come in handy, but you have to be bringing in money to afford one.

Jaye Wells said...

Holly Lisle has a great post about how she edits her manuscripts in one pass. Even if you can't do it all in one big swoop, it's a great reference for what to look for while editing.

PBW said...

I do not howl. I shriek. :)

I do love how Randy Kraft passes judgement on all editors in one fell swoop. I have a particularly fabulous editor who works her ass off for me and my novels. She edited one of my books while she was on maternity leave -- I believe she took the manscript with her to the hospital where baby was born -- and another mroe recently during her Christmas/New Year's vacation.

I don't have to shriek again about not paying to be published, right? I was loud enough the last time, yes?

Karen said...

I'm going to have to read all that a bit more slowly... but looks intresting.

And - you've been tagged, to commit a Random Act of Kindness. Pass it on!

Jaye said...

I edit as I go and have no qualms about tearing into my own work. Plus I analyze the hell out of story/character/pacing, etc.

I still have cps look stuff over, but mostly it's typos they pick up. Not saying my writing is perfect. Not by a long shot. But I hate sending out rough stuff to be critiqued. I actually think it's sort of disrespectful.

If folks are willing to give up their time and put their energy into giving me a thoughful and well done crit, then the least I can do is make it as clean as possible.

Jaye said...

LOL, PBW. ::headdesk:: 'Shrieks', not 'Howls'. Got it. ;-) Everything I've read from respected professionals (yourself included) has made it crystal clear the money flows TO the writer. That's one thing I've got down pat.

Jaye said...

I do Random Acts, but never of kindness... heh.

Just kidding. I'll scooch right over to your blog for details.

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