Who is this guy?

Sunday, November 06, 2005

Look familiar?

Van damme?

Nope. That's what I thought. It's Tom Hayden Church, looking all van dayumme fione and buffed to the gills.

But what's with the Where's Waldo thinking 'where's my meds?' getup?

Here's a hint:

Yep! ::squeeeeeeee!!:: Thomas is playing Sandman in Spidey 3! One of my favourite villians from the old cartoon show.

spiderman music from cartoon show

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Does whatever a spider can
Spins a web...Any size
Catches thieves...Just like flies
Look out...Here comes the Spider-Man

Is he strong?...Listen Bud
He's got radioactive blood
Can he swing from a thread?
Take a look overhead
Hey there...There goes the Spider-Man

In the chill of the night
At the scene of the crime
Like a streak of light
He arrives just in time

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man
Wealth and fame...He's ignored
Action is his reward

To him...Life is a great big bang-up
Wherever there's a hang-up
You'll find the Spider-Man

More info here. Ain't It Cool News.
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raine said...

Dear God.
I remembered every word of that song before I read it.
Somebody, quick--send me a life!

Jaye said...

I can go you one better, I was doing the Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction dance to the spidey theme music. :-P

But back to Thomas and those biceps, triceps, shoulders, chest and abs. Dayum. I know that skinny skater-boy physique is in, but I'm enough of an eighties girl to love a little more bulk on my men. Not muscle bound, just substance...

Sela Carsen said...

If I find a life, I'm keeping it! That was the most popular song at our house for a while last year. I'm just grateful the Batman song doesn't have lyrics.

Jaye said...

Batman lyrics: Batmaaaan. Batmaaan. Batmaaan. Batmaaan. Batman. Batman. Batman! (horn blares) da-na-na-nah-na-na-na-na-na-na-naaaah. Batmaaaan!!


raine said...

I'm with you--give me a little bulk on my men.
And Gawd, I knew the Batman song too!!

And Wonder Woman's song...
The prelude to the 50s Superman show...
Green Lantern's mantra...

help meeeee...

Jaye said...

Did I suck up all the air on your blog, is that why you're over here? lol. Sowee. I didn't realize how long winded that comment got. Seem to be doing that alot lately. Left a long-ass comment over on Sela's blog too. :-P

Jaye said...

And yes! to the Wonder Woman song. Drives ds batty when I start up with: You're a wonder, Wonder Womaaan! heh.

raine said...

No, I'm over here because I'm avoiding doing line edits, lol!

And geez, Jaq--if you have a problem with Puritans visiting your site, why not just come out & SAY so?! We are tolerant of all shortcomings, y'know. Even discrimination. :-p~~~

I shall light a candle for you.

meljean brook said...

I....love you.

Jaye said...

I can tell you what to do with that candle, chile....

lol, Meljean.

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