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Sunday, November 27, 2005

The following is my post in answer to a question posed on another messageboard. I'm still giggling my ass off at the memory, so thought I'd post it here:

Oh, someone asked about Turkey at Thanksgiving and/or Xmas? It depends what I'm in the mood to cook and who's coming over. One of the most memorable Turkeys I've ever cooked was when I jerked it. (Get your minds out of the gutter! lol )

Here's one recipe, but it doesn't really convey just how HOT/PEPPERY AND SPICY this can be. LOL. It's made with Habanero peppers (or Scotch Bonnet peppers as Jamaicans call them). "A variety of the habanero called Red Savina holds the Guinness World Record as the world's hottest spice, recording up to 580,000 Scoville units!" (by constrast a jalapeno is merely 4500 units. Understand, now?)

So I was a jerk. A lazy jerk, (really I wasn't up to whipping up the full menu. I was nursing a cold). And I overdid it with the jerking ::snicker::. Let's just say there were tears running down everyone's face at the table. And some folks were as red as the cranberry sauce. But everyone had seconds. So it was tasty. But hot. lol. Certainly, an unforgettable meal. Think I over did the garlic in the mashed potatoes too. Not that anyone could tell with the tastebuds stripped off their tongues from the turkey. lol.

Oh, and my sinuses cleared right up! ;-)

And while I'm on the subject of jerking, heh, remember this joke? Still one of my favourites.
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Canadian Dude said...

I've jerked my chicken, but never a turkey. Dam, that was in bad taste.

Jaye said...

So you're well-practiced in hen-jobs?

yeah, that was fowl. ;-)

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