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Thursday, November 17, 2005

From Joe Konrath (and more link sluttage from me. Sorry guys, work has been kicking my butt again.)

Holly Lisle is holding an auction, 6 months of one-on-one world-building tutoring is up for grabs, so are personal critiques. Check it out.

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scott said...

if death weren't so damn permanent, I'd really be looking forward to it. Your blog rules, by the way

Jaye said...

There are some days, I feel the same way, Scott. :-P Glad you enjoy the blog, and thanks for visiting. (Are you the same Scott from Karen's blog?)

Amie Stuart said...

Don't we all wish life could end on the BIg O *ggg* I love that......

raine said...

I'm agreeing with George, there.

We work our whole lives before we finally get to retire--at which point we're usually too old to really enjoy ourselves. :-/

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