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Thursday, November 17, 2005

1. Ants eat away woman's eye.

2. Nose Pick

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As my son said: That just sucks on so many levels.
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Anonymous said...

Pheeew....yuck. You must have had a bad day. Lighten up, pleeeeeease.

Later skater.

Jaye said...

Actually I had a pretty good day, or at least a pretty good lunch with a good friend. But, yeah, the rest of my day suck'd ass.

markus said...

no way!

Jaye said...


Jordan Summers said...

OMG! Remind me never to go to a hospital in India.

Jaye said...

I know, Jordan. It doesn't sound like that 'investigation' is going to result in any type of restitution, since this type of thing seems to be something akin to par for the course, if the comments in the article are to be believe. ::shudder:: And I thought the hospital here in good ole North American were enough to make one update one's will before checking in....

appropos of nothing, I just got 'zoomwrx' for the word verification. cool.

Anonymous said...

Holy crap.. that's it??? What a way with words you have....LOL.

I hate this word verification thing.. now I have suffer through
hmiagoxo... sounds like a disease.

Julie said...

I do so love coming to this blog while eating my breakfast. Eww.

Jaye said...

That pic left me kinda speechless, Dude. That's the best I could come up with. *gg*

LOL. Sorry, Julie. There were both unappetizing, weren't they. :-P

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