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Sunday, October 23, 2005

I could make a John Wayne Bobbit joke here, but I won't. heh.

Okay, okay, can't help myself. Behold, below, The Lorena Bobbit Memorial Shrine.

heh. (re: the Wikipedia link above - 'Frankenpenis'. hahaha. snort)
(ugh. just followed the link on Wikipedia to the photo of the severed part in question. 'k, not so funny now. Go look at the video--posted below--of the guy photocopying his ass, that's still funny.)

Now that I've gotten all of that out of my system... ;-)

Heroine Version #3, keeps her head shaved. Part of the outward symbols of her profession. Heroine Versions #1 & #2 had hair down to their asses. Just another reason I know this chick is for real.

When she "showed" herself to me, I was resistant. Idea took some getting used to, but after picking out these pics I'm cool with it. Plus I suspect she'll let it grow in a tiny bit as the story progesses. Still extremely short tho--like the do Annie Lennox is sporting in her pic--she won't even go for shoulder length. That bald head looks quite vulnerable, doesn't it? There's probably something more there about character....

Next thing I have to concern myself with 'growing back', is some (writing) discipline. I'll check in later with my progress.
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Sasha said...

I think women with their heads shaved is beautiful. As long as they have good features. I think not having any hair really gives people nothing to notice but the features. They dont; have to be pretty, but strong, You know?

ANyway, it certainly shows personality, and confidence. :)

Jaye said...

I agree Sasha. Striking bone structure or facial features are thrown into stark relief when there's no hair to frame face and act as a distraction. And good point about 'confidence'. I knew there was something more. It'll be interesting showing how those two aspects of her personality: vulnerable/confidence play out through the story.

Jordan Summers said...

Like Sasha, I think it's all in how you hold yourself. Natalie looks fantastic and so do the other women. They're all powerful in their presence.

Amie Stuart said...

When I'm 40 I want Annie Lenox hair. Melissa Etheridge is another who looks good with no hair (though of course hers wasn't by choice!)

Jaye said...

"Power in their presence" I like that too, Jordan. And she is does have power. In fact she was literally stripped of her (magical) powers, then discover another latent type of ability (that wasn't so powerful) and now her character arc for the story is how she discovers a deeper/differnt kind of power within herself that comes from self-knowledge, etc. Gee, these comments you guys are leaving just cause me pick up another thread of the h's personality. The fact that it's so easy to do so, once again reinforces that she's *the one*. It's been like this since I discovered her, every time I thought about another aspect of the story, stuff just comes to me. Sweet. Now if I could just get into, and stay in, the Bichoking grove....

Jaye said...

Cece, I'm with you. No muss, no fuss. I'm pretty sure I want to go with the grey and not fight it cause I really don't want the upkeep of dying. Life is too short, ya know? On the other hand, if I look like absolute shite going grey I will dye--and not be too happy about it. :-P

I've always thought Annie Lennox was beautiful. All the ladies pictured look fantastic. I did see Melissa's pic recently, and she does look well.

Karen Scott said...

I think women with close cropped hair look beautiful as long as they have good bone structure. The cut tends to leave nothing but the features to concentrate on. The cut also really makes random average eyes look amazing!

raine said...

I'm agreeing. You must have the right bone structure, correct make-up (if any), and a helluva lot of self-confidence to carry this off.

As for gray hair--pshaw. I've had it since jr. high. No biggie--just whatever you're comfortable with. ;-)

Sela Carsen said...

I don't think shaved heads work well on classically beautiful women, like Natalie Portman. I think it works best on women who fall just outside the "beautiful" range and into striking or interesting.

I'm getting a haircut on Wednesday and considering something much shorter than I have. And I'll never do a semi-permanent dye again -- all wash-out colors if I feel the need for a change.

Danica said...

I think you definitely need to have confidence. Even though I threaten to shave my head (and the kids) almost daily, I would never have the guts to do it.

Jaye said...

lol, Danica. I used to threaten ds that I was going to shave my head, tattoo "Ds's Mom" across my scalp and show up in my rattiest bathrobe to pick him up from school. *g*

Sela, the herione isn't beautiful, but she is striking. I think having her beautiful with a bald head is just bad as having her beautiful with long floooowing locks of hair.

I think I'm going to play with that confidence aspect. She probably doesn't see herself as confident--the shaved head has to do with her profession--but she will grow more confident as the story goes on, and it'll show in her change of attitude towards her hairstyle.

Did I thank y'all for dropping by? If I didn't, I'm doing so now.

Kat said...

I'll agree with everyone else.

It takes someone with a strong sense of 'self' to really carry the 'do. But the women who have it, look great (as your collection shows).

Glad the character is really coming along for you!

Vivi Anna said...

I think bald is beautiful! My heroine in Hell Kat ends up with a shaved head.

I had a shaved head two years back. I do it every few's like a ritual with me. A cleansing thing I think...

Thankfully, I can pull it off. My dad once told me I have the most perfectly shaped head!! LOL

Dean said...

Speaking as a male, I have to say that I disagree with whoever it was that said that Natalie didn't look good shorn.

She looks fantastic. Soulful and strong and it really emphasizes her wonderful eyes. I've always thought that Sinead O'Conner was a strikingly beautiful woman, too.

Oh, about grey: in my opinion, if a woman has a lot of grey, very short hair looks good. Short grey hair says 'I know who I am'.

Oddly, one of my favourite protags is a woman who is naturally hairless. I don't know whether this means anything or not.

Kat said...

I finally gave in to curiousity and followed that 'Bobbitt' link. EWWWW.

Jaye said...

Confidence is what really carries this look, whether the female in question is hauntingly/classically beautiful, or just striking in features/bone structure.

Vivi! I just followed the bread crumbs back to your site! ::fanning self:: very nice scenery you got there. ;-)

Kat I love this character, all of them in this book, I just wish the pace at work would slow down a bit, and that I get over this cold soon!

Dean, agreed, about Sinead. The way I've always remembered her is in the video of the cover to that Prince song. Just mesmerizing.

To paraphrase an old saying, curiousity squicked the Kat. heh.

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