The 25 Most Shocking...

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

...Moments in Movie History.

Check this one out, it brought back a lot of good memories.
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raine said...

LOVE the site, Jaye! Yes, it brought back lots of great memories.
I haven't seen them all, but if I had to pick my own top three...hmmm...
Three would be THE EXORCIST. It doesn't strike people now as it did when first released, but I'd watched Johnny Carson a few days before, who had a REAL exorcist with REAL tapes of a REAL exorcism--and wow, very similar...
ALIEN, first runner-up, because it made a hard-core horror movie fan get up, turn on all the lights in the house, & finish the movie with the butcher knife beside me.
And the timeless PSYCHO, which f*cked up the minds (and shower stalls) of several generations. Bravo!!

Jaye said...

My choices are a little different from yours, although I can't stop at just three.

SPOILERS AHEAD! (just in case you didn't follow the link, or didn't click onto all the poster pics)

Yes, to ALIEN! Holy shit, that thing poping out of his stomach? Classic. The first two movies still get me, even though I know whats coming.

Er, I've never watched The Exorcist or Psycho in their entirety, just bits a pieces. But I can understand why they were so shocking. And speaking of not wanting to go into the shower re Psycho, JAWS did that to me. lol. Remember that SNL skit with Chevy Chase as the Land shark who would come to the door pretending to be the pizza guys? I was soo in tuned with that. lol. Not a shocking moment, but the film as a whole had a lasting effect.

'I see dead people'. OMG. I TOTALLY did not see that ending. blew me away! The Others was a pretty decent variation on that theme too, but 6th did it first and did it better.

'Luke, I am your father.' Com'on, who the hell saw that coming? Even if you were someone like me who didn't see the original movies in the theatre but later on video--so it was no secret-the moment of revelation was still shocking, when you remember all that had happened previously. A truly amazing twist re storytelling. Brilliant.

'Who is Keyser Soze?' Another freakin awesome twist. My jaw dropped as the dude started strutting down the street at the end of the movie. HF.

CARRIE. That hand poping out of the grave to grab Amy Irving? Classic.

The real shock about Crying Game, is that every one--journalist included--kept their mouths shut about the pop up (heh) scene. The adam's apple was a dead give away, though.

raine said...

Ahhh, we're in agreement on movies, if not on order!
I'm lmao at your memory of the SNL skit--I remember that too!! The land shark was the pizza guy...then he pretended to be Jehovah's Witness--cracked me up!
The Others was a matter of watching a good movie, because I guessed the ending.
The Sixth Sense--same thing was creepy as hell for all the walking dead popping up out of everywhere! (but again, I guessed the ending--I must have that kind of mentality, lol!).
Have never seen The Crying Game. Certain acquaintances RUINED it for me by telling me the ending before I could tune them out, dammit. :-(

raine said...

Oh! (and I promise to stop now, lol!).
And a very old, often-overlooked movie named "Dead of Night", consisting of several shorts--absolutely yummy. :-)

Jordan Summers said...

Jaye, You picked out the EXACT movies I was going to grab from the list. Like you, I haven't seen all of the Exorcist and if I've watched Psycho, which I believe I have, it's been years ago. (Definitely a very scary shower scene.) Jaws came out right before I learned how to water ski. It was not pretty.

Jaye said...

How the hell did you guess the ending to Sixth Sense and The Others? You're more screwed than I thought. (j/k). I have a number of twists planned in the wip, now I'm wondering if you'll spot them right away and stomp my dreams of 'cleverness' into the ground.

Jordan, I'd be lying in bed at night and thinking about that stupid shark, much less get up on a pair of water skis. I bow to you.

Amie Stuart said...

I had no clue in The Ohters, but to be honest, I got so bored with The Sixth Sense I shut it off and never saw the end *sigh*

They left off Edward Norton in Primal Fear. He plays this hillbilly type who stutters and has a duel personality and Richard Gere gets him off for a horrific murder. I will not spoil it but Norton is freakin' brilliant! I don't care if it's 9 YO, go rent it. Yes, i want to have his babies. *ggg*

raine said...

...How the hell did you guess the ending to Sixth Sense and The Others? You're more screwed than I thought...

There's yer answer. *ggg*

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