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Saturday, September 03, 2005

Dude. That's so not cool. The beigey-colored shorts you have on? The stain on the fly? The bright yellow stain, that's conveniently at my eye level since you're standing and I'm sitting on the bus. So not cool. I know it's not what I first thought it was. It's too 'neon' for that (unless you've drinking radioactive Gatorade.) But unlike American express, you should leave home without those shorts.

What were you thinking chica? Remember back in junior high, when you first started getting those "monthly" visits and NOTHING could induce you to take gym class, because ::whispering:: maybe someone would see the pillow-sized kotex puffing out the crotch of your stupid navy blue gym jumper--with the stupid elasticized baby-diaper legs--and 'know' you were on? Remember?

So why the:
1. Tight white pants.
2. Black thong.
3. Pink pad.
4. To the office.
? ? ? ?

I use to watch this cartoon years ago, Captain Starr.
There was one episode where this funky carpet--really a military experiment gone wrong--brain-washes the crew into constantly shampooing it, while it runs amok on the planet base. It kept saying: shampooooo. shampooooo me.

Now we've reach to my 'wtf'. Guy with the dandruff flakes the size of cake crumbs? Betcha think it's still Christmas, dontcha? No, guy, it's your hair. You got, like, your own personal snow globe on your shoulders there. shampoooo. shampoooo. shampooooo. See your phamacist, and while you're at it, stay away from black.
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Amie Stuart said...

Flip maybe babe but I really REALLY needed to laugh.

raine said...


Ditto on needing the laugh. Thanks, hon!!

Jaye said...

Any time ladies. And likewise, I'm sure. ;-)

Michelle said...

Hee hee. :)

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