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Friday, September 23, 2005

I actually wrote this post last weekend, but decided to save it to post mid-week, because I knew I'd be busy at work and fall behind on my blogging. I just didn't realize how busy. *sigh* Not a lick of writing done. But got lots of thinking and plotting done. It looks like the stuff I have currently written is going to be scraped or sliced up in for a revision/rewrite. *sigh*

Jordan mentioned that her writing productivity, thus far this year, hasn't been what she'd like. Ditto for me. I bought a laptop months ago in a bid to wean myself off the net. Had some success with that, but not as much as I'd like. I quickly found the laptop wasn't easy to lug around, and the keys and lack of regular mouse are a pain. But it did indeed cut down on the online surfing.

Recently, I pulled out the Quickpad again. I don't like the fact I can only see about four lines of text on its screen, plus the screen isn't backlit, so that's a bit hard on my eyes. But it's easy to transport, it turns on and off with a push of a button/key, the AA batteries last for hours, and the narrow screen forces me to 'write', full steam ahead with no edits. Also the lack of backlit screen, means I'm comfortable writing during the commute to and from work, without worrying my fellow commuters are reading over my shoulder. Oh, and it has a regular keyboard, which is much preferable over the laptop.

I also broke the current ms up into separate documents by chapter. Normally, I'd do this anyway--just an extra precaution re crashes and corrupted files--but this time I was working in one document because of the relative brevity (100 pages) of the work. For a constant tweaker like me that was a Big Mistake.

Every time I opened up the manuscript document I would do a read through to get back into the mindset and tenor of the story, but then ended tweaking and revising, over and over, what had already been written--from the very first opening line-- with very little time spent on writing forward with new material. Now I can only tweak from the opening of the current chapter doc opened.

I also changed the font and spacing of the current chapter to single space/ NTR12 from standard MS formatting. It's much harder to tweak and revise in this formatting, and pretty much forces the eye to skim a bit.

These small changes have helped me, so I wrote this long boring post, in case anyone else is floundering out there and looking for ideas to get un-stalled with their own writing.

Now if only my workload/stress at the office would ease up....
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Jordan Summers said...

Vanessa, It's hard to get writing organized when you're busy and when you're not. I've had to MAKE time for it by placing word count demands on myself. It sounds like working on the Quickpad will do the trick for you. Good luck!!!

Ollie said...

hey I like your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Thoe only thing I can relate to in this post is.... streeeeeeeeess at the office. I'm glad that I'm not the only one stressed out at work. But hey.... we shouldn't be blogging about work.


Anonymous said...

I need to wrok more on the Neo.

Thanks for reminding me! *grin*

Keep at it babe. It's hard to work, have a family life, and write. You're doing great!

Sasha said...

Ooops, That was me!

Michelle said...

Hugs on the stress at work, but the Quickpad sounds like a good idea. Best of luck!

Jaye said...

Thanks guys. :-) The Quickpad did help, but I've come to a dead stop anyway because of plotting issues, but I'm working on them.

You get to blog at work, Dude? Blogger is a banned site at my office. gg.

Welcome, Ollie.

Anonymous said...

Unpluggin from the internet really has helped me a lot. I wish I could do it at work LOL I hate weekends like this one--love the kids but hate not getting much done. =\

Steph T. said...

I love the idea of changing fonts to make it harder to skim. I'm a big, go back and read, person, and it's not a good thing.

I've also heard that changing your fonts when you're doing a revision will help you catch things, like wrong words, etc, you might normally miss.

Here's to more productivity!!

Anonymous said...

Blogger is banned at my office too... but I said "about" not "at". I have a new stress reliever.. three fingers of rum.. lots of ice and a dash of coke with a twist of lime (diet, caffeine free coke.. that is).


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