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Friday, July 01, 2005

Happy Beer, BBQ & Fireworks Day, Canada!

**postscript: Scoffed from the Dude's blog, here's the word on Canada Day for those who want to know - "In 1868, a proclamation signed by the Governor General, Lord Monck, called upon all Her Majesty's loving subjects throughout Canada to join in the celebration of the anniversary of the formation of the union of the British North America provinces in a federation under the name of Canada on July 1st."
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Jordan Summers said...

Have a great day. We'll join you in celebration on the 4th. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I like the graphics. Have a good one.

Anonymous said...

"scoffed"... that expression says something about's from "our" generation.. do you know what I mean?

Jaye said...

Thank you, Jordan. I'll be putting up a similar post on Monday. ;)

I know what you mean, Dude. I'm the girl who still says "shazbot" from time to time. You should check out this post at Sasha's-- --it's full of reminiscenses.

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