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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Remember how I raved about Lisa Valdez's PASSION, a little over two weeks ago?

AAR got around to reviewing it last Thurday--a very good review, by the way--and then the messageboard caught fire.

Some people loved the book as much as I did, some people hated it (ptooie!! hate!hate!hate!), but anyway you slice it, for a debut writer to generate this type of discussion, is just awesome and bodes well for her future.

Which makes me very happy cause I just love her writing.
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ma said...

I've enjoyed those discussions quite a lot, and I haven't even read the book. I keep getting burnt by buzz books, so I'm cautious. (I also think I've OD'd on Romance lately.)

Anyway, I did glance at the book in the bookstore. I kinda got put off by the opening of Chapter 1, though maybe I'm being wayyyy too picky. It's not that a stranger is groping her, it's that she trusts him and she doesn't know why.

To me, this screams You Are Reading A Romance Novel -- of course, I know I'm reading a romance novel, but I don't want to think that while reading, I want to think about the story. But I should really read a bit further and give it more of a chance, especially since the opening letter by the not-so-good Mom is very well-written.

Also, I'd like to find another erotic romance writer I enjoy reading. I am so picky, more so than with non-erotic romance writers, and I think that's because it's more personal.

Jordan Summers said...

I picked it up. Can't wait to read it.

Jaye said...

Jorie, yes it is a ROMANCE NOVEL, but not in that roll-your-eyes-full-of-cliches-and-
'can't swallow this'-improbabilities type of way. It's that bigger than life 'fantasy' romance. It touches upone the type of grand scale emotion/intensity you'd find in a book that covered generations and continents. 'If' you get swept up in it, you'll get swept up rather quickly. (You'll notice most of those who loved it finished it in a day, including myself.)

And the last half of the book will wring your emotions. Some people said the last half was a bit melodramatic, it is, but it doesn't spoil the book at all.

Jordan, (& Jorie) I think you'll love it, especially if you like Emma Holly's stuff.

Anonymous said...

Great book. I like it. Will read more by this author.

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