Romance Novel 'Types' in TV-land

Thursday, May 05, 2005

This thread started up at AAR; and since I don't have anything I feel really moved to blog about--and I don't want to post another joke--I thought I'd (try to) start this fun topic up here.

What TV show characters can be matched up with romance novel types?

Off the top of my head, I'd say from SEX IN THE CITY fame, would be perfect for the role of the wise, lusty, accomplished and mercenary mistress in a Historical. Some old school stuff by Jo Beverly.

Mr. Big: the Duke/Earl who casts off the heroine (Carrie) to marry someone more suitable and mature, only to have that marriage end (shambles or not) and return to the heroine. I should be mentioning authors, shouldn't I?

Harlan Judd from EYES would be a great Jennifer Crusie hero. Despite his edginess, he's shady, sexy, smart, and now that I think about it, is a Beta in disguise. Or he'd worked as one of those currently popular nobleman/spies that are running rampant in Historicals.

Dr. House, could be Laird McHouse; a recluse who has withdrawn from society to reside in an ancient castle on the moors. He can't keep decent help because of his cutting tongue, but his brilliance/expertise is known in certain circles, and the heroine seeks him out because of this.

Paris Hilton? That's a no-brainer, pun intended, one of those 'feisty' TSTL heroines.

I'm still not quite up to speed with what's on TV, so that's all I can come up with for now. Anyone else want to take a stab at this?

Oh wait! Collin Farrell. Yeah, I know he isn't a TV actor; but did you hear about him begging some actress in her seventies to let him make love to her? That boy has got ISSUES. I'm trying to think who writes really f*cked up heroes. Anne Stuart? Laura Kinsale? Given his sex drive, he could definably be an EC hero. Or the dissolute, wastrel/rake in a Historical. :-P
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McVane said...

Farrell is screwed up for chasing a 70-odd-year-old woman?

Sorry for being dense - I'm trying to figure out what you meant. :) Thanks.

Amie Stuart said...

I could totally see Olivia Benson (Mariska Hargitay) in a Bombshell or a LIsa Garnder book =)
But what about Munsch? My son loves him. Definitely the ambiguous spy-type hero ala Linda Howard? Or maybe a great supporting character.

Jaye said...

I meant it seems *to me*, that he's a sex addict, Maili. :-) I keep reading these little (admittedly 'gossip') tidbits about him begging women for sex, or stalking them, etc. In fact didn't he admit that earlier in his life he was out of control but becoming a dad centered him. (If this is his idea of being centered, I hate to see what 'out of control' was.) What man 'begs' any woman *for three hours* for sex?! Never mind a good-looking, rich, famous, guy?

Cece, yup. Mariska would definitely make a Bombshell type heroine. Hmm, Munsch would be more a great supporting character... kinda the way he is now. ;-) But it would be neat to see someone like him--not *conventionally* handsome--in the role of hero.

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