The new face of book selling?

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I was over on Sara Donati's blog, and checked out a link she blogged/posted. Vidlit does mini movies (synopses) of books. I enjoyed the one I watched for Bertice Berry's upcoming release, but almost felt like I was watching one of those movie trailers that show you the best parts and give away the ending. :-P

PBW, aka S.L. Viehl, did something akin to this for her Darkyn site, although that was more a professional audio reading of a excerpt, on a kick ass site than a movie. And I think Christine Feehan has mini movies/commercials for her books (available for viewing on her site to members only). In the case of Viehl's effort and Berry's Vidlit, my interest was/is piqued enough to seek the books out. What about you? Does this type of marketing influence you?
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Jordan Summers said...

I definitely think it's an interesting marketing devise. I'm just not sure how much it would play into me going out and getting the book.

Jaye said...

Jordan, I think I would have picked up PBW's book, regardless. The title and cover are eyecatching and the story is right up my alley. But the site launch caught my attention whole-heartedly. In fact, I'm pretty sure I emailed the link to a number of my friends.

As for the other book featured in the Vidlit minimovie, there was a good chance I would never have heard about this one. It looks like the kind of offbeat with quirky characters I could get into. I'll definitely keep an eye out for it *in the bookstore* and read some sample pages before making a final decision. It always come down to author voice for me.

meljean brook said...

I'm interested in the minimovies not because of the books, but because they are new -- I don't think they'd get me to buy the book. An excerpt, a great cover, an interesting premise -- those are the things that'll make me buy a book. A minimovie? Well, I like to look at it, but ... no. It doesn't work for me.

McVane said...

Off topic: I found a site that offers customisable online users counter:

Cheers. :)

Jaye said...

ooh, thank you, Maili! After I left that comment at your site and ran into another counter that was customized but it looked like the blogger had found a way to fiddle with the coding herself and was not an option that the host/developer gave. Infact they had strong warnings not to alter the code. I'm on my way to work now (they've blocked access to my blog. *g*) so I'll check it out later. Thanks again!

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