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Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Progress is still sloooooow on the current ms. I really don't like working on the Quickpad, but I've made the most progress when I do so. I've been toying with the idea of a laptop, but really don't want the extra debt. And I've also had limited success working on my work pc on my lunch break--except, I keep getting interrupted. As long as you’re at your desk, peeps act like you're still on the clock.

Then I planned to wake up 1/2hr earlier to just write.

Yeah, right.

Then I decided that I would make myself open up the ms and write for 1/2hr before I allowed myself to check email or go online.

Yeah, right.

The frustrating thing about this is, I know it's about being disciplined. I'm not blocked. Once I start writing, even if I end up tweaking a lot, I still get stuff down. All the frustration of course is looking for an outlet. There are so many interesting opportunities out there. Publishers are opening up new imprints that would seem right up my alley, so I wonder if I should just chuck the wip and jump on one of these new opportunities. Maybe the lack of discipline is a symptom of something deeper, maybe this is not the story I should be writing at this time. I wanna be on fire for my work. It shouldn't be a chore to open up the document and start typing away--I've never had this problem before. Never been so unmotivated about a project, that I actually *like*.

I'm not sure what to do.
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Trace said...

I know that feeling, Vanessa. But you know what? I think every single writer does. I've read lots of interviews with different writers who say that every book is different. Some are easy to write and seem to just write themselves. Where others are like pulling teeth. It's very common. I know the book I'm writing now is much more difficult than the last one I wrote.

Jaye said...

But you're almost finished your book. waaaah! oh, that sounded not nice, didn't it. Yaay, Tracey!! lol. Seriously, though, this book has made me so depressed so often, and yet I love the premise and the characters enough to want to see it through if possible. Thanks for dropping by hon. :-)

Amie Stuart said...

Hon i wish I knew what to tell you or even to say. I sat here for 15 minutes this morning and didn't come up with anything excpet I understand. My current wip is just like pulling teeth. Even my first WIP wasn't this hard.

I know you're not a WIP-hopper *g* but consider setting it aside for a while and working on something else? Keept it in the back of your mind. I hate saying that because well I'm selfish and I'm dying to read more =)

Jaye said...

Thanks, hon. I think I'm back on track. It's just time and discipline,now. :-P

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