Happy Humpday!

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

It’s Wednesday, week’s halfway over. And speaking of getting over the hump, I spent a couple of hours wrestling with the wip, before I gave up in disgust. (Actually, I felt like crying). Anywho, I later realized the problem—I hope—once again I’d tried to start the story in the wrong spot. I gave it a lot of thought, visualized a new scene and all the things it would touch upon. At some point today I’ll make an attempt to start it.

Some people are real sticklers for veracity of historical fact. For the most part those details fly right over my head. Even if I know something is wrong (like a bastard son inheriting a title as well as all entailed/unentailed monies and properties attached to said title), I’ll let it roll, if I’m enjoying the book. For other’s it’ll pull them right out of the story. And a little ‘creative’ grammar has never hurt a good read for me either (unless it’s changed the meaning of various sentences to something really ridiculous). But the thing that’ll trip me up each and every time is pacing.

Pacing is more than word choice, it’s the facts/details presented, how they’re presented and when. If you do it wrong, you drag the whole damn narrative down the drain, or have circular dialogue without a point. You present scenes that are amusing, or hot, or exciting, but have no actual meaningful affect of the plot development. You’re showing stuff that could be told and telling stuff that much be shown. Pacing is a tricky thing to balance, but it’s my bugaboo.

I’ve been know to highlight sections of work I’m critting, following by an explanation. ‘Get rid of this.’ lol. Okay, kidding. Sort of. I’ll say: this is repetitious, or you’ve broken the tension with this section and the info can be inserted into the story somewhere else, etc.

When it comes to my own writing, I get stuck. Those two scenes I finally gave up on yesterday, just didn’t have the ‘energy’ I needed, they weren’t driving themselves. The pacing was off--a death knell for an opening.

Looks like this early morning posting thing may be the way to go. I only have enough time to bang this out, nothing fancy with posting pictures, and no time to waste surfing around to a million and one other blogs.

I can do my ‘fun’ posts in the evening. Check out some of my favourite blogs, then get cracking on the wip.

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