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Saturday, May 14, 2005

Not much writing done. I took the Quickpad out with the intention of writing at the park, but ran into some friends, I hadn't seen in awhile, at a cafe..... *sigh*

'K, I get home and open up the W.I.P., then go to this website--the background music really gets me in the right mood, it has a 'tango' vibe to it; very sexy, dangerous/adventurous. (**Guess I should mention that the back-story of my H/h--& villain--plays out in ancient Egypt, while the opening scene takes place at the ROM). Anywho, I figure I should buy at least one CD with Egyptian music, cause that one song is bound to drive me crazy soon, so I checked out HMV.


I don't know about you, but, *I'm So Freaky*, *Bounce that Booty* and, *Work Freak, Pump that Body*, weren't exactly the types of tracks I had in mind. So, *Back from the Tomb*, by Egyptian lover, will not be making my list of potential buys.
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