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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Is anyone else watching this? I caught the last half hour last night and really enjoyed it. The show has a *big* screen feel to it--interesting camera angles, and characterization (from what I saw). Think I found another winner. :-)

**update: found trailers for a couple of summer releases. These look pretty good.

The Legend of Zorro. To be honest, I wasn't interested in even seeing the trailer (NOT a big Catherine Zeta Jones fan here--I just don't *get* her popularity--and I thought she was going to share equal billing/time on screen. As much as I heart Antonio, I wasn't willing to put up with CZJ) but I think I'll keep this one in mind. Looks more fun then the original.

The Island. (Is it my imagination or does Michael Clarke-Duncan show up in most of Michael Bay's films?)

Batman. I think Christian Bale is going to *own* this role.

Red Eye. <--this is a Wes Craven movie, the last part of the trailer seriously creeped me out.

And speaking of horrors, I've put Odil to rest. I can't struggle with this book anymore, I've started on a horror-romance series today.
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Anonymous said...

Nice job Vanessa. I featured your blog on my post for today.

Anonymous said...

One more comment... I love the ankle picture... it speaks volumes.

Jaye said...

Hey, thanks for dropping by dude, and mention. :)

Kat said...

Hey Chica.

Sorry to hear about Odil. But you know what you can / can't handle and I know you're going to move onto bigger and better things!

It'll happen soon!

Sasha said...

I'm not a fan of Katie Holmes, but I admit...Batman looks great!

Thanks for the links, Jaq!

Jordan Summers said...

I'm looking forward to Batman. Thanks for putting the previews up for The Island and Zorro. I didn't realize those would be coming out this year. Red Eye looks interesting. Not really sure what's happening there.

As for the book, sometimes that the best thing you can do for yourself. I picked up a book by Ann Lawrence (from Tor Romance) that has been described on Amazon as being a horror, romance, fantasy book. I'm looking forward to reading it to see if that's truly the case.

Anonymous said...

Odil will be back, Vanessa.
You can't run, can't hide...

On the other subject...

Jaye said...

Funny thing is, after digging my heels in so long with Odil's project, it was soo easy to jump into the current one--Which was a concept I had before Odil. I put it off because I wanted to write another humorous contemporary, like my first ms, rather than something dark (Like every single idea I've had since). :-P And just look how far I got with that. The prison scene? Uh, yeah, that was real humorous. lol. Jordan, I've read 3 TOR para-roms so far (with mixed results) I've stared Hunter's Moon, and want to get 'Shifting Love." I'm going to look out of this new one you've suggested. I think TOR may be the place for me to target.

Jaye said...

Hey, anonymous, we simulposted. :-) Technically speaking any 'dark fantasy' element (ie vamps, werewolves) falls under the genus of 'horror', it's just that Para-Roms tend to down play the truly horrific elements so the h or H can be redeemed or seen as sympathic, or at the very least the author doesn't want the character to squick people out. ;-) Since I kinda like 'morally shady' (anti)heroes ala Anne Stuart, I'm gonna push the envelope with my ms. I've got some truly disgusting/horrific stuff in mind. lol. Figure I might as well go for broke, since I know I don't want to hedge myself in with romance conventions.

Amie Stuart said...

LOL@disgusting. I read that prison shower scene. I'm sure you'll do the wip justice. Odil will be back. I have faith in you.

We don't get charlie jade =(
I'm totally scoping on Batman =)

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