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Saturday, April 23, 2005

Well, Miss **deletedeletedelete**, aka She Who Will Remain Nameless, aka my doppelganger, aka VeeTeePee, aka Dream, aka Vanessa, aka Dreamweaver, Diana is the receipient of one very sweet deal, indeed.

But enough about her. You Signed the Contract!!! Ladies and Gents, meet one of newest authors of Loose ID! Sasha, blogged about it this morning, so, consider yourself outted, chica.

::shaking head:: Never tell a writer your secrets, dahrlink, we either blab it, or fictionalize it in our books. heh.
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Anonymous said...

Never would've done it without friends who are as warped as I am.

Thanks, hon!!! :-D


Jaye said...

I caught you on Yahoo, hon! So happy for you. Hope this is just the start!!

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