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Friday, April 22, 2005

Y'all tired yet, of hearing me talking about how I'm >thisclose< to being *unstuck* on my current project? :-P

I've had a crappy week--very much under the weather, plus mucho busy at work--but the absence from being on line did give me some more "think" time with the wip. So I've had two characters pop up from nowhere and present themselves regarding the suspense subplot and I've realized that the suspense will not be as prominent as I'd thought before. The story is coming back round to being more character driven or a character study. The Beauty and the Beast riff is taking center stage again: it'll be dark and fairly erotic , at least in terms of sexual tension, if not graphicness (is that even a word?) Not sure how big a part the secondary romance with Zane (Zoe's twin) will be, or if it's necessary to portray in any depth, but it does play a part.

I need to get the outline down. It would untangle everything for me, instead of carrying it all around in my head. And I'm still toying with buying a laptop. The Quickpad is cool, in terms of getting away from being online, (plus ds is spending more time online, so it's a good thing I'm trying to cut down) but I'd prefer a regular screen for working on. I *think* visually in many cases (remembering the 'pattern' of movement/direction with a code, more than the numbers, for instance) and viewing the words as I write would only help me.

I hafta do my taxes this week-end, so not sure how many braincells I'll have left over for writing. *sigh*
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ma said...

I'm enjoying listen to you talk about your current project. I'm glad things are coming together.

Jaye said...

Thanks Jorie. :-P Even though I know this is my writer's blog, I don't like doing too much navel gazing here. Glad I'm not too boring. :-P

Sela Carsen said...

But what an interesting navel you have! Gaze away. ;-) I'm glad you're getting unstuck.

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