You can't spell sick without TV.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005

**There's probably a bunch of typos in this post, but I'm just not up to finding and fixing them, so please bare with me.

Blogger is being tempermental again, and won't let me reply to the comments below. Just want to say thank you for the well wishes. :-)

I went to work yesterday, which may not have been wise. About 2 pm I was seriously jonesing to be horizontal, but it was only two more hours before home time so I stuck it out, then came home a crashed. Had another horrible night and called in sick this morning again.

Sick In Bed

One good thing about being sick is I've managed to watch (sort of) a bunch of TV. I pretty much never watch television anymore. I'm either reading, writing, or online. But since I've been pretty much camping out on the sofa, I've watched DAWN OF THE DEAD and NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD on dvd with the boy on Sunday.

Then on Monday caught a bit of DEADWOOD. (awesome, awesome show. I used to watch it then lost track. It's *NOT* your average Western. First off the language is comparable to anything you'd hear on OZ--another favourite of mine--and has that same sort of gritty realism.) Also caught Crossing Jordan (fun show I use to watch off and on awhile ago, plus I have a little crush on Jerry).

Last night I watched CSI Las Vegas, L&O SUV, HOUSE (made me instant fan of this show!), and a bit of some PBS type show on the Black Plague in Italy. It's been refreshing, and I'll be making more of an effort to watch tv from now on. When SEINFELD checked out, so did I; particularly with all the Reality Shows that sprung up like inedible mushrooms all over the place.

Another good thing about being sick is it got me 'off' line. gg. Ironically, just before I got this stinkin bug, I'd actually started making progress on Zoe & Odil. But the next couple of scenes are alive in my head, so I think I'm over the hump in terms of writer's block.

'K, time to go lie down again, maybe with my pad and pen and see if I can scribble out some stuff on the wip.
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Kat said...

I discovered House while I was sick too! House is one of those guys you hate to love...but love anyway. Last night's was a re-run I hadn't seen so I was happy. And I caught SVU right along with you, well.. I'm PST so I guess 3 hrs later actually...but still...

Feel better soooooooon! (like 10 minutes after you're supposed to show up for work on Fri, that way you don't feel bad calling in sick again!)

ma said...

Feel better, jaq!

Deadwood is something I'd like to see. I just keep hearing good things about it. (And it has Molly Parker!)

Jaye said...

House is a great prickly, jerk. lol.

Marjorie, I think you're just as facinated with characterization as I am. You'll love Deadwood. No one is 'good' or 'bad', they're all shades of grey. I really like that.

Amie Stuart said...

Gotta scope on Deadwood. I've picked up Crossing Jordan late in the evening and Love it. WHy don't I ever find this stuff when it's new?

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