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Sunday, March 20, 2005

How could I forget to mention there was some sort of 'take down' on the street yesterday? It's not like that sort of thing happens every day around here. There were cops everywhere. Patrol cars came to screeching halts in the middle of the road, door flew open and the cops raced across the road. They dragged some guys out of the restaurant two doors down. One guy without a shirt (yep, in this weather) I'm pretty sure there was some sort of fight on the premises. Then they had the second guy down in a face plant on the sidewalk, with one undercover kneeing into his shoulder.

Then the cops did some fancy coreography, one (undercover) guy makes his way down this side of the street, while two others--one plain clothes, one uniform--cross over, headed in the same direction. They're staggered formation, then about a block away, the single guy breaks into a sprint and rushes across the street just as the other two cops dash across the lights. They collared two more punks at the McDonalds, but later let one of the suspects go. Of course I didn't remember to bust out the digital camera until *after* all the drama was over. :-P It was just like the movies, though.

I was too lazy to go outside/downstairs to find out the details, but tomorrow I'll ask the restaurant owner for the scoop. But I'm guessing drugs. Did I mention I live in Little Italy? I've lived in this neighbourhood for a couple of decades, and it ain't all rumors--La Costra Nostra is here.

A little less exciting: I was all ready to put Odil and Zoe aside, but Odil wouldn't let me. I really love the guy. And the story seems pretty solid, but I was not feeling excited about the whole thing. I felt something was missing or something fundamental was wrong with the structure. After much brain wracking, I realized that the plot/subplots are solid. i just needed to dig aa little deeper into the GMC, Goal, Motivation, Conflict. Now I feel that sense of urgency--the push and pull--that was missing. And now I think I can right a damned synopsis/outline for the external plot(s) and the romance development.
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Sela Carsen said...

You live such an exciting life!

Jaye said...

Far from it, Sela. :-P

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