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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

So this is what you blog about, when you have nothing to blog about....

After scrounging through my bookcases, it was a toss up between Melanie Jackson's Divine Fire (premise: Lord Byron has achieved immortality and lives today as Damian Ruthven, book critic and Byron expert. cute.)

or Patricia Gaffney's Wild At Heart (premise: a riff on the Tarzan legend.)

I went with Lord Byron, but 'Tarzan' is up next. And one last bit of news. The boy is off all this week for Spring Break. He was actually off since last Thursday and doesn't go back to school till next Tuesday. I decided to take the rest of this week off (starting tomorrow), and next Monday as well. I'm so looking forward to a break from my toxic f***ing coworker. Also thinking about taking a quick day or overnight trip to Ottawa or Montreal; we'll see.
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ma said...

I love hearing about the books people are thinking about reading. Gaffney is an author I've never read but whose name is mentioned often.

Jordan Summers said...

I have Divine Fire in my TBR pile. I'm really looking forward to reading it. Let me know what you think.

Steph T. said...

I've read a Gaffney or two - can't remember the titles, but I know I enjoyed them.

Jaye said...

I read Gaffney's Circle of Three first. She was always a fiction writer to me --sorry, I never did glommed onto all the 'Woman's fiction' labelling, either you wrote some type of mainstream fiction (some more 'literary' than others), or you wrote some sort of genre. Anywho, I was surprised/delighted to find she wrote romance previously. I now have several of these books in my tbr pile: To Have and To Hold, Crooked Hearts, Wild At Heart, and something else I'm too lazy to go look up the title for. :-P

Jordan, I'm a bit torn about Divine Fire. I've sort of put it down. :-P I like the hero's pov, and like the prologue/first chapter (incidentally in the hero' pov). I don't like the heroine's voice. Her personality is not working for me so far. And, I detect a bit of 'Mary Sueism' with this character (who happens to be a writer/biographer.) There's just a little too much detail/insight into this aspect--her opinions, work habits, etc--of the heroine. Even if I liked her, this would still kind of bother me. I like the hero enough to continue on a bit, but I suspect, I'll end up skimming to the end at some very soon point....

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