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Wednesday, February 09, 2005

I’ve just been reading some reviews and came across a couple that were on books featuring Fae heroes. Now I know these heroes are modeled along the lines of ‘Orlando Bloom/Legolas’, but, for me, fairies have always been either 1) politically incorrect slang (before there was such a term) for a gay man, 2) a beautiful or grandmotherly type woman with magical powers, a la Grimm’s Brothers fairytales, or 3) Tinkerbelle.

Panties? Dry.

On the other hand, I love vampires. For someone who can’t stand needles (I always avert my head) I have no problem when Captain Forehead sinks his fangs into the heroine’s neck. Maybe this is because the fu, er, 'fanging' usually occurs while they’re bumping uglies. heh.

Werewolves. Luv em. I see gorgeous Alpha man. Then I see beautiful, noble wolf. I *know* the stage of transition between the two is gruesome. Yet I persist on seeing gorgeous man then, poof! beautiful noble wolf. Man. Wolf. Man. Wolf. No ugly monstrous in-between creature. And no ass licking!

Ghosts. Hmm. Lasher anyone? Yum.

Merman? I haven’t read one yet, but I plan to. Suzanne Mcminn has one as the hero for book three in her Paxleague series.

Warlock or Sorcerer? Demon? Genie? It’s all good. And Susan Squires’ Body Electric features a hero who starts out as a computer program/artificial intelligence; the book is in my tbr pile.

Now while Christine Warren may very well seduce me into changing my mind about a fae heroe, for the time being, Legolas-types remain pretty-boys with pointy ears, pointy chins and a tragic Billy Idol complex re the peroxide.
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Anonymous said...

Vanessa--I DO like Legolas. Has more to do with the sincerity in Orlando's face, I think...
Also a BIG vampire fan!! That was my first erotic dream...sigh...
Werewolves-don't know...something about a man with a hairy back...(shudder).
Ghosts? Depends on what's substantial & what's not.
Mermen...don't know...don't most males just deposit their sperm on the eggs & keep going? (I meant male FISH of course...yes, that's it...)


Sasha White said...

Personally I'm not a HUGE Vampire fan. (except Sherilyn Kenyons Dark Hunters). But I agree aboutt he Fae...not my thing either. Were wolves..yum, warlocks..double yum!

Sela Carsen said...

Must. Write. Maddox.

He's next on the list, I promise!

ma said...

I'm one of those people who like werewolves but vampires, not so much. I have trouble getting past the whole biting and blood thing. I know, I take it too literally. That said, some vampires can work for me as I loved Robin McKinley's Sunshine.

Jaye said...

But you can’t see that sincerity in the dark, Dream. (yuk,yuk,yuk). As for the hairy back, doesn’t exist for me. Gorgeous non-hairy back man. Noble wolf. No in between. LMBO!! on depositing sperm. gg. er, Suzanne, if you drop by, no “money shots” in your mermaid man book, ‘K? gg

There was one ‘love scene’ in Lasher (or maybe it was the Witching Hours) that has Lasher in action, very, very, erotic.

I’ve never read a Kenyon book, so I don’t know what her vamps are like. But ever since I saw Langella as Dracula back when I was a hormonal teen, I’ve had a thing for batboys. And Gary Oldman as Dracula, yes, he was more creepy, and yet his great enduring and intense love for his Elizabeta…. *sigh* sooo romantic. He did the ‘dandy’ pretty well too.

YES, SELA, YOU MUST FINISH MADDOX!!!!! ::fanning self::

Jorie, I don’t know why I can get past the biting thing, but I do. Perhaps it’s because most writers focus on the feelings of ecstasy and eroticism and how some the whole experience intensifies the emotions and sensations involved?

Anonymous said...

LOL on the money shots!!!!!! You crack me up.


Jaye said...

Hmm, I posted a long reply to everyone and I don't see it. :-( I was going to add a retraction, I've come across many opportunities to read Geni/loveslave books (hero) and took a pass each time, so I guess I don't find these types of heroes enticing either.

Sela Carsen said...

I think Kenyon's Fantasy Lover might change your mind about the loveslave thing, Vanessa. Whew! Julian of Macedon was hot!!!

Jaye said...

Suuuuure, make a liar out of me, why dontcha? ::blushing:: I have Fantasy Lover in my tbr pile, somewhere.... bought it at a UBS a couple of years ago.

Larissa said...

Mmm, I like Legolas. But normally I'm not a Fae type.

LOL on the vampires, because I love them, but I, too, hate needles. And the sight of real blood. (Pretty messed up for an EMT, eh?) But vampires and blood...that's different! *g*

Anonymous said...

LOL on money shots...yeah...

I LUV vampires. Langella did it for me too, Vanessa! Great dark looks, big sexy eyes..and when he tells her, "I need your blood. I NEED." I remember shouting at the screen, "YES!!!"
Ya'll have to understand--the bite is part of the eroticism, part of the climax that possesses your body, your blood, your soul, not just isolated to the genital region, and...ahem...(cough, cough)...no, no, not that I would know anything about it, nosiree...

Anonymous said...

And as for Legolas--c'mon, ya gotta love a guy who hits just the right mark every time, & never runs out of arrows...


Sela Carsen said...

Dream -- YES!!! ROTFLMAO

Jaye said...

He's a fairy.

yeah, that's my childish retort. ggAren't arrows, long, skinny little things....?


Cearha said...

Lasher!!! Ooooo-weeeee....

:::::fanning self::::: over Vampires. I named my sweet lil garden angels, Louis, Armand, Lestat and Marius...heheh. Fixation? Moi? No.

No skinny arrows, J? Must be more of a 'spear' girl..*blink*blink..

Anonymous said...

I wasn't much into elves until Legolas came along. Whew! That whole movie was full of eye candy just like Pirates.

I must admit I'm definitely into werewolves. I picture them as men and then as wolves. Talk about primal. Shudder.

Vamps also do a lot for me. I hate needles, but I do get the erotic nature of the bite and the meeting of minds. Okay, I'm picturing Stuart Townsend as Lestat. I can't help it. Sad, but true. LOL!

Fairies don't do much for me. I did enjoy Christine Warren's story, but I think she's great in general. Ghosts, Mermen, Wizards I can take or leave. I think I'm more a fan of 'monsters' than I am 'fantasy' creatures. If you know what I mean? And if you do, could you tell me please? LOL! Jordan

Jaye said...

Cearha, I really, really, try to behave myself here, but how can I resist answering: Why, yes, I do prefer a thick, long, hard staff of wood. ;-) Delurk more often, chica!

Jordan, the thing about Legolas/Orlando is, I think I can take him. I’d have him in a half nelson so fast, he’d be calling Uncle, and his mama too. gg Just can’t work up a sweat about a guy I could take down to Chinatown.

Primal is right, when it comes to werewolves. The Ultimate *Protectors* I think. Stuart Townsend as Lestat? That would definitely work, he is scrumptious. But don’t hate me….. I’m probably one of the few people on the planet who didn’t mind Tom as Lestat. (gulp. did I say that in public?)

I’ve read Christine’s Fur Factor stories and really enjoyed them. I know I’ll give in and buy the Fae story eventually…..

I *think* I understand monster vs fantasy, but darned if I can explain it. gg. I was trying to figure out why Genies/love slaves don’t work for me, and I thought maybe it was the fact that I like my romance heroes “Alpha”, so the idea of him being at someone’s mercy didn’t appeal to me. Yet that situation would actually be perfect to highlight his *inner* strength, etc., so that’s not the complete reason. But I think it’s related to why I don’t mind D/S stories with the female as the sub, but have no interest at all in reading ones where the male is the submission one. I like vulnerabilities, I like weakness, I like darkness, but the genie/love slave holds the idea of ‘powerlessness’ that I don’t like. It’s all in the execution though, so maybe I’ll go dig up SK’s Fantasy Lover tonight.

Sasha White said...

ROFLAO @ taking down Orlando Bloom!

Start SK Fntasy Lover...and move on to her Dark Hunters...you will NOT regret it! They are HOT!!!

Sela Carsen said...

Oh, I think Julian is Alpha enough for ya! LOL at the staff. Dh is gone. Don't make me think that.

I don't understand why I love Stuart Townsend as Lestat so much. He's as skinny as Orlando Bloom, but somehow much more provocative. And yeah, I've got the Legolas fixation, too. But Stuart can bite me anytime he wants!

McVane said...

Because Stuart T. brought a wicked and sly sense of humour to his role. With him in that role, I finally get what Lestrat is all about. He's vain and he knows it. He's amoral and he knows it. And he doesn't care. Actually, what you see of his role is almost exactly what Stuart T. is. :)
Elves don't do anything for me at all. All I could see is their pointy ears and think, "I'd be pleased to raise some money to get you to a plastic surgeon, dear". Faes/fairies scare the crap out of me because, from where I come from, folklore stories usually portray them as a nasty bunch. Which actually inspired Bram Stoker to pen DRACULA. They are nothing like Tinkerbell. :D
As for Orlando Bloom ... *shakes head* ... nah. Doesn't do anything for me at all. :)

Jaye said...

So, you're all saying that Queen of the Damn is actually worth seeing, if only for Stuart? Duly noted.

lol. Maili. Yes! They do have that history of being malicious little nasties, don't they. Then on the other hand there were the elves who helped the poor shoemaker in that fairytale, and the Tollhouse cookie guys....

Yeah, I'm absolutely tweaking the noses of the Legolas lovers. gg

btw, isn't the comment/reply screen cool? It's great to 'see' what you're replying to, half the time I couldn't remember.

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