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Monday, February 07, 2005

The new header reminds me of this scene from ms#2.


“Hmmm?” He focused on the lushness of Raine’s mouth.

“Something wrong? You’re frowning.” She languidly rearranged her limbs, one long leg over the other in a whispery slide of silk stocking that drew his attention. He glimpsed black lace.

“What’s wrong? Nothing. I guess I’m still hungry.”

She looked pointedly at his half eaten dessert as she laid down her fork.

“That’s not what I’m hungry for.”

“Oh, yeah?” Raine wetted her bottom lip and moved her leg closer to Winston’s, rubbing along his calf. She’d never underestimated a good game of footsies; in her experience all that rubbing was bound to start a fire. Somewhere. A muscle jumped in Winston's jaw and she smiled. Of course she knew exactly what he was craving. Hell, he couldn’t have been more obvious if he tied a bib on and grabbed hold of her thighs.

But that was okay. She liked ‘obvious’.... Raine flicked a glance at his lap—-those slim-cut plain-front pants of his couldn’t hide squat. My man was packing something large and fairly lethal looking.

Desire flooded low in her belly and her heart jumped to her throat. And Winston kept stroking her neck in tiny little circles. Oh Lord. Raine barely refrained from fanning herself. She could only hope when the time came and Mr. Oliveri was riding high in the saddle—-so to speak—-she wouldn’t be screaming like some crack ho banshee with Tourette’s.
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Anonymous said...

"crack ho banshee with Tourette’s..."

Ya gotta learn to be more descriptive, Vanessa!
Just speak your mind, put it right out there on the street!


Jaye said...

Too subtle, huh? ;-)

Larissa said...

LOL! Love it!

Alison Kent said...

Ooooh, nice!!

Anonymous said...

LOVE the new header!! I stopped by to say hi and was wowed! :)

Danica aka Dream

Amie Stuart said...

*ggg* I can empathise with her plight, cause I'd probably do teh same thing.

Jaye said...

I am *counting* on doing the same thing. gg

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