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Monday, February 07, 2005

This is Alison's fault. She posted about CE Murphy's Urban Shaman

It's not released yet, I found out. But not one to waste a perfectly good trip to the bookstore, and the opportunity to raid ds' college fund, I bought the following:

Digital Knight by Ryk E. Spoor. I was "hand sold" this by the sales associate. It's a sci-fi mystery involving a vampire crimelord. lol.

Cece will be happy to know I'm giving Dean Koontz another try. Picked up his Frankenstein--Book One of Prodigal Son.

The cover of this one caught my eye (back and front) and the story sounds interesting. So I'll give it a shot.

One thing, though, the hero's name is Khan, and everytime I see it, I think of this stupid site, ds has bookmarked. lol!

I have several of the Saint-Germain vampire Chronicles, so I grabbed this one,

Been hearing good buzz on the next three books on various messageboards and loops, so bought:

Hunter's Moon by CJ Addams & Cathy Clamp,

Sunshine by Robin McKinley,

And The Huntress by Crystal Green.

Guess I was in the mood for some horror.

**Update** One more book mention. I was just replying to Jorie's comment and thought I don't want to hide this recommendation in comments. I read this fantasy(?) sci-fi(?) years ago, but it's stuck in my mind. Great book. I'll have to pick it up for my keeper shelf (got if from the library originally). It's Sean Stewart's Galveston.

"Galveston, Texas, is an island already rich in history and eccentric characters when, during Mardi Gras in the year 2004, sudden magic floods the streets. The world is changed--divided between the real city, where technology and its products become unreliable and scarce, and the city doomed to endless carnival, where it is always 2004 and there are still such wonders as cigarettes, cold beer, and aspirin.

Fun book with one of those complex protagonists that you swing between liking, feeling sorry for and disliking. gg. "Real" people are like that, aren't they? While I prefer to write characters that fall a little more solidly in the 'likeable' range, complexity and spice and dimension, and taps into the emotions.
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Meril said...

Digital Knight is more amusing than scary, and as far as I can tell it was meant that way. I kept cracking up at random intervals. But the stories in it are still interesting mysteries.

(Caveat: the author's on my LJ friends list. I am debating on telling him about this entry. I'd sure he'd be very happy about finding out that his books are being promoted that well!)

Jaye said...

You said 'stories in it', is this a short story collection? Not that I mind, I was just under the impression that it was a single story/novel. The Vampire Crimelord blurb kinda clued me in on the humor, but that Vampire/Bat "thing" on the cover looked pretty fierce. lol. Ah, well, I love a good laugh, I can look in the mirror any old time if I want a dose of horror. Thanks for dropping by. :-)

ma said...

I love seeing what people have bought. I'll be curious to hear what you think of the Tor Paranormals. I also bought The Huntress recently. Haven't read it yet, though. And I loved Sunshine, especially the opening and I'm not a big vampire fan.

Jaye said...

The thing about the Tor Paranormals is, I think, that people are expecting them to be paranormal romances, and I guess they're not. They're paranormals with a romantic subplot (that can be fairly minor). The same problem people have been runing into the the Bombshells, they expect a romance/adventure, but it's mostly female oriented action story. I'll report back when I read them.

I got to thinking about another book a read years ago, Galveston by Sean Stewart. Actually, I'm going to edit my blog post for this one, it's a great book and don't want to hide the mention here in comments.

ma said...

I enjoyed Sean Stewart's Nobody's Son but haven't read anything by him since.

Jaye said...

Nobody's Son? Did you like it? I enjoyed Galveston enough that I'd check out other books by this author.

ma said...

Yes, I did like Nobody's Son. That said, I haven't read anything of his since so I guess I wasn't blown away. But it's a good book.

Amie Stuart said...

LOL I saw my name.....yeah I gotta pick up the new Frankenstein book next time I shop......I'm really intrigued by the premise--he had a "making of" thing on his site and apparently it was supposed to be a TV movie project w/TNT? When they changed the storylinehe pulled out and wrote the books instead.

I know he *can* (and does) get too prosy at times but he sure can create some magic.

Jaye said...

Yes, he is a very talented writer, that's why I stuck the last 700 pager out. Or at least it felt like 700 pages (even when I started skimming.gg) ;-) But this is a much thinner book, and it looks like he has a co-author....

Lynn said...

Clamp and Adams are members of RWAOL, and I bought HUNTER'S MOON just because of that. And I ended up loving this book! I think that's the first book I've ever read that was in 1st person from the hero's (actually, anti-hero's) POV.

Jaye said...

Anti hero? did you just give me a spoiler Lyn?! I kill you now!!!gg. kidding. I've been *sorta* reading The Challenge. The first chapter was kick ass, real action/thriller, fast paced. Then it turned into a curious blend of "romancey" INTRIGUE type rom-susp. NOt bad in and of itself, just not a follow through of the begining chapter.

Sea Wasp said...

In response to the questions on Digital Knight -- DK has a pretty long and complex history. The short version is that I wrote the first section ("Gone in a Flash") over 15 years ago; "Photo Finish" about two or three years after that; "Viewed in a Harsh Light" about eight years later; and the other three sections in two months when Baen Books expressed in interest in it.

The stories are sequential and fit together, all are told from the point of view of the main character, Jason Wood, but you can still tell that they were originally conceived as separate adventures of this one character.

I hope you enjoy reading Digital Knight, Jaye. If you do, you will probably also enjoy my short novel "Diamonds Are Forever", which is part of the anthology "Mountain Magic".

Ryk E. Spoor AKA "Sea Wasp"

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