My Frankenstein

Friday, February 11, 2005

I'm obviously fixated on heroes lately. :-P Normally I don't base characters (looks-wise) on real people/celebrities. If I am influenced at all, it tends to be bits and peices--a particular sense of humour here, a certain walk there, this person's hair, etc. But with Odil I started out with The Rock. Odil (supposedly) looked like him. For about 1 week. g. Then as I started writing, his hair turned white and his eyes a really pale shade of blue-grey. But it still wasn't quite him. And I kept looking at pics of Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) hoping to catch that elusive tail of whatever was *missing*, the thing that would put me right in his head, rather than standing beside him.

Then last night, ds, for about the gazillionth time, conned me into watching/reading something on the upcoming Star Wars movie. (Much to ds' despair, I think this lastest prequel is going to (more or less) sux, like the last two, and the ONLY reason I'm going to see it, is to see the moment Annikin turns into Vader--which I'm pretty sure will be all special effects and gympdom re depth of characterization. And therefore REFUSE to get excited about the movie. But I digress) I caught a bit of a trailer for an upcoming movie that John Travolta is doing. Not *Be Cool* (which is totally going to, rock!), but some other, 'angsty' movie.... where the character he's playing has grey/white hair. Hey! That's Odil's hair! In fact there's something about this Travolta character, that seems a little more Odil than the Rock's personna. Ooo, this is good. It feels good. And right. Then I remember the jerk Hugh Jackman played in the movie with Ashley Judd, based on Laura Zigman's book, Animal Husbandry, that growly jerkish, slothful personality is Odil. So there's my Frankenstein. gg. I'm sure as I write him, he'll flesh out more and be completely his *own person*, but he feels more concrete now.

This is the last time I start a story idea with PLOT. I'm character-driven writer, and just can't get it together until the characters are 'fixed' in my mind.
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Shamim said...

Its so hard to find blogs of people who like to read books. I myself am a keen reader and I like your blog. Its a very good thing. I will keep checking back.

Sasha White said...

I just wanted to add thatyou have some great posts and I htinkyour blog rocks!!

As for Franky ...I think with a bit JT, Dwayne and Hugh...he's looking pretty hot!

Jaye said...

Why, thank you, Shamim! I love it new faces drop by. :-)

Sasha, right back at ya, babe! I may not post every time, but I check your blog daily!

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