Saturday, February 12, 2005

I was *supposed* to go out last night for dinner and then to a club. Quite frankly I wasn't that enthused about it. Not that I didn't want to see my girls, it was just that I'd gone out both nights last week-end, and this past week had been fairly hectic. Plus my Toxic Co-worker is off for the next week and a half, so the full work load will land on my shoulders. On one hand I'm glad Toxic-CW will be absent (I can't stand her ass), but on the other hand I know I'm going to be super, crazy busy. So I really wanted to take this week-end easy.

I've got my wish.

Yet, can't help being a bit pissy that my schedule got thrown off--I missed my gym workout last night because of the aborted dinner & club date, and held off on doing any writing while waiting for confirmation of our plans. I deliberately didn't phone anyone, hoping that it would get too late and I could beg off without anyone accusing me of 'copping out as usual'; but when it got obviously too late for dinner, I make a call. Turned out dinner wasn't going to happen (no sh*t) but they were still going clubbing. I take a pass and open up my wip. Did get some work done, but it could have been more.

Then today my local RWA chapter has a workshop. I was supposed to go (and pay my renewal fee--deadline Feb28). I thought the workshop would run during normal meeting hours 1-4, but when I get the genius idea to double check late this morning, turns out it's an all day affair that started at 9am!! *sigh* Maybe this is a sign that I shouldn't renew my membership? I only avg one meeting per year. Except they've got an awesome line up of speakers/work-shops this year, including Kelly Armstrong, Mary Balogh and Barbara Kyle aka Steven Kyle.

All is not lost, though, I'll go to the gym and then get some more writing done today. Plus the missed workshop was on Point-Of-View usage, and that's one of my stronger writing skills. Still waffling on renewing the membership, since I spend more time checking in (daily) with my online chapter. Maybe I'll just show up for the local meetings I'm interested in, and pay the $5 guest fee.
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Sasha White said...

Wow! It's scary how much you and I are alike! LOl (with concern to the going out and avoifding phone calls and such)

Enjoy the breack from TC, but trynot to get to overwhelmed at work.


Oh Oh!! Let me knwo when Kelly Armstrongs workshop comes up...I LOVE her!

Jaye said...

I'm pathetic. I remember an old boss telling me how bad his family was--they'd order pizza, then when it came, everyone who look at each other, because no one wanted to go answer the door. gg. I'm not that bad, but I'm getting there. I think there's so much pressure and demands on our lives these days that when we retreat to our caves (homes) we just want to be left the hell alone, until we say otherwise. gg

I will definitely tell about Kelly's workshop. Her talk is on writing paranormal--right up my alley. :-)

Sasha White said...

Is it an online workshop?? *hopeful smile*

I can answer the door! LOL
As long as there's no law that I have to comb my hair first. *g*

Jaye said...

lol. The *key* things about answering the door is: mood and presentation. Am I in the mood to deal with who is on the other side of the door? Is my home presentable? Am I in the mood to make my home (and myself) presentable?

See, not a simple as you thought. ::raises brow, and nods wisely::

gg. No, shugs, Kelly's workshop is not online, but I'll be taking notes, so I'll pass on any interesting tidbits.

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