So far, slow but steady

Monday, January 03, 2005

So far, so good, with the WORD challenge--I'm at the top of page 11. Got my fingers crossed that I get Zoë and Odil together before the chapter ends.

So far, the book is feeling mainstreamish, partly because I know what subplots are coming up and I'm planting the seeds for them.

So far what I have fixed in my mind is:

1. a telepathic, reclusive Odil, living in an old house deep in the woods on edge of town. (Murder took place at house many years ago.)

2. Zoë with a titanium plate in her head (which affects Odil's ability to 'read' her) and an ulterior motive in getting acquainted with Odil.

3. A psycho stalking Odil, and anyone who gets too close to him....

4. A good ole boy King Pin figure, who's none too happy with Zoë’s twin brother.

5. King Pin's lovelorn teen-aged daughter.

6. A lost treasure.

I'm in the middle of Zoë and her twin, Zane, doing the siblings bickering thing. I'm not quite anchored with either character, but I think I'm on track. It's only the first draft anyway. ::shrug:: Hopefully chapter 1 will be done this week.

To all my lovely critique partners, I don't think I’ll be sending this one out till I finish the partial (3-5 chapters)—-I'd like to enter it in a couple of contests for feedback. Then probably won't ask for any more crits until the first draft is done. Just going to try something a little different this time. Plus I'll spare you the torture of getting several 'tweaked versions' of the same chapter to crit within the space of two hours. gg
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Anonymous said...

Hi, Jaye~~
Love the paranormal aspect of your new storyline.
Best of luck!

Oh--also love your name, Vanessa. It's beautiful!


Jaye said...

Pity we can't all be Vanessas... ;-) Thank you for popping by Va-,er, Dream. :-)

Amie Stuart said...

Sounds wonderful! I can't wait but I'm a huge advocate of writing THEN editing, so I'll wait =)

Kate Allan said...

Hi Vanessa! Cool blog... I shall be back later to read more. :)

Sasha White said...

I'm good with waiting too.. I love to read them all at once. As you know, I'm not one to crit people grammar and such all at once helps me feel I can contribute with opinions on plot, pacing, and such.

And I can't wait for this one!!

Anonymous said...


Way too cool! I'm going to put you on my favorite's list. Yep. Going back now to re-read your paranormal.

So. When should I start watching my inbox? Hmmmm?

Hugs. :-)


Jaye said...

Hey, Laura! :-) Thanks for dropping by. I'm hoping I can get this baby done within 4 months. We'll see. :-/

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