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Sunday, January 02, 2005

One great thing about being me—only one now, don’t want to overwhelm y’all, gg –-is my kick-ass writing buddies. It was my sheer dumb luck to get onside with these talented ladies. I haven’t written a lick of Zoë and Odil’s story in the last two days, but I have critted about 500 pages worth of stuff for 4 people. So while Cece, Julie, Sasha and Evie, have thanked me, either in advance or after the fact, I want to thank them in return for giving me an early look at—and bragging rights to—their works in progress. Never mind the heroes:

Beau, Brows Zack, Brows Oz Brows

and last, but not least, Gage, Sex

lol. Yeah, Gage left an impression... gg

Btw, check this out Gave me a good laugh.
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Sasha White said...

I'm so glad you liked Gage!! I must admit that while Gage is one of my faves, I spent alot of this ms trying not to get into Jakes story, I figured he deserved his own time inthe spotlight.

Sasha White said...

Oh, and I don't know who Beau and Oz are, but Zach and his candy are pretty tempting too. ;)

Amie Stuart said...

***cursed by jakes*** but I can't wait for his story.

Glad you liked Zack (still waters run deep LOL).....

I can't wait for Odil!!!!! Okay where did you find that name? I love it. Very mysterious.

Sylvia Day said...


Jaye said...

Oh, Jake *absolutely* deserves his own story. I found him very intriguing.... ::drool::

And, yes, Zack is an absolute doll. Man has a genuine heart. Beau is another hottie, and Oz is a big sexy huggy bear.

Cece, you just had to know that wiggly brow smiley was going to show up sooner or later. gg. But I just about lost it when I found the humping smileys.

Odil's name? I knew my hero was (part)French Canadian and I wanted to give him an authentic FC name, but not the same ole same ole-- Pierre, Jean-luc, Marcel, etc. So I googled for FC names, checked out several sites and Odil caught my fancy. :-)

Sasha White said...

The humping smiley is a HOOT!!

ANd I haven't seen anything of Odil, but I do liek the way Zoe goes for lunch!

Julie said...

Oz and I thank you very much!

Can't wait to meet Odil...

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