Wednesday, January 05, 2005

There’s a guy in my neighborhood who goes around wearing his mama’s dress. Seriously—one of those old fashioned floral print jobs in a light weight cotton, cute little rounded collar with lace edging, the whole bit. Obviously, Man In His Mamma’s Dress is one twin-set short of a complete ensemble. Most of the time he accessorizes mama’s dress with dirt, and in a real act of daring, not seen beyond the runways of Paris or the pages of Vogue, no shoes . I hadn’t seen MIHMD for months, then this morning on my way in to work, I saw him standing in a shop doorway. Looks like he got his hands on another of his mama’s dresses. This one a rather dull affair in white and blue, paired with little white bobby-sox and bland white canvas tennis shoes. Et tu, MIHMD? Have you finally lost your fashion sense along with all the others? Glad you're okay, though, after your fashion...
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Julie said...

Awww, poor sweetie. We have a guy who thinks he's Elvis. He wears Elvis t-shirts and walks around dancing and waving to imaginary fans. He used to come to the nightclub I always went to, on 60s nights, and clear the floor when they played The King. He's one of the happiest-looking people I've ever seen.

Good luck with your pages, hon!

Anonymous said...

Glad he's ok too, Vanessa!

Although it's better to be a little short-changed with STYLE...maybe, at least, you can introduce him to Prada & Manolo Blahnik as your New Year's good deed?


Jaye said...

It's funny how you get 'attached' to certain neighborhood characters -- that is, you get used to seeing them around. MIHMD is harmless, most of the time he seems to be on the way somewhere, other time you'll see him in the park feeding the birds. There's a couple of other characters around who are obviously heavy drinkers, not troublemakers, but the deterioation in their health over the past few years has been both heartbreaking and alarming. :-(

Thanks for dropping by and posting comments. :-)

Amie Stuart said...

LOL that's just damned funny in a sorta sad way. I sometimes wonder if folks like that havne't stumbed into the wrong dimension and gotten stuck here.

Jaye said...

That's just it, Cece. Absurd, yet so very sad.

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