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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Yesterday I decided to write on my lunch from now on, since I can't guarantee I'll have the energy to work on the wip in the evenings. So wouldn't you know it? I've been up to my eyeballs with files today. Worked right through my lunch, and I'm so tired all I want to do is find my bed. But I'll write at least one page today when I go home, even if it kills me.

Cece (the contest slut) mentioned her RWA chapter's upcoming contest. I'm seriously thinking of entering the ms I completed. The only one I completed. gg. It's entered in the GH and it's out to one agent, but why not keep my hand in the game in other ways? Plus considering how much writing I'm not getting done, entering a contest will confer an instant sense of accomplishment. ;-)

On another topic, why does this happen? -- An author's first book is widely available(brick and mortar) then the release of the second book is (mostly) through Amazon purchase? This has happen with two different authors I've taken an interest in - Carol Jewel and Jade Lee. Bought their first books in the store, but can't get their second/subsequent books except by ordering through Amazon. >:-( Sales could just be restricted in the Canadian market, but it kinda stacks the odds against them, doesn't it?
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Amie Stuart said...

You do know most stores (at least in the states esp bn) will special order for you, don't you? I can only guess smaller distribution?

Amie Stuart said...

And LOL@contest slut.....I still have to print off MY entry. Debating entering two but that means i cant judge ST and i really want to.

Jaye said...

Oh, I can special order at Indigo-Chapters (Canada's version of B&N) and with no charge shipping to boot. But it just seems so sucky to have one's career hamstrung in that way. I believe a lot of people still make their purchasing decisions from just browsing. I do, even though I'm on line a lot at various messageboards, review site, so have a pretty good handle on upcoming releases. And I'll admit, even though I want these books, and plan to buy them eventually, I still haven't made the effort to do those special order. Just seems a bit of a hassle, when I could have just walked into the store (once) plucked the book from the shelves and bought it on the spot. :-P

CONGRATULATIONS on your 2nd place finish in the FAB!!! contest!!!

Amie Stuart said...

You're right it is a pain and it does make you wonder about this crazy business we're in.

Thanks on the congrats sweetie!

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