Holy Human Popsicles, Batman!

Friday, January 21, 2005

It’s minus 24 degrees outside.

With the windchill, it's minus 35.

Let’s get this straight, the only place without a windchill? Is INSIDE!!!

The weather man sez, exposed skin will freeze almost immediately, “So bundle up!” Uh, yeah, thanks for the frickin advice Einstein, cause I was just about traipse outside in my bikini and flip-flops until you spoke up.

I think the weatherman is dyslexic, it’s really minus 53. And due to a severe case of optical occlusion (possibly brought on by the fact his frickin eyeballs are frozen solid.), he’s missed a number, it’s really minus 533. Wait! He also has discalculi (impaired numeracy). The real and true temperature is minus 666.

That’s right folks, hell has frozen over, and we’re in it.
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Anonymous said...

It's a gorgeous 73F here in San Diego ...

Just thought I'd let ya know.


Anonymous said...

Vanessa, So if I'm hearing you correctly, what you're saying is it's cold. LOL! ;-) Jordan

Jaye said...

You two -- Anonymous in San Di-freakin 73 balmy degrees-ego, and Jordanne are evil. I'm telling Santa.

Linda Winfree said...

Fly South for the winter. You can hang out here with me in BFE, GA, where the lowest it's gotten this week is 24 at night, and most days have been 60+. I can't even conceiver of negative numbers when talking temperatures. Brrr!

Jaye said...

Jordan, sorry for spelling your name incorrectly. I have a friend who spells it differently. (but I'm still telling). Linda, thanks for the invite. Can I bring guests? I like my eggs over easy. gg.

It's supposed to snow tomorrow. yippee.

Amie Stuart said...

Well I'd invite you here (it was 77 today) but tomorrow's high is only supposed to be 55 and sunday morning it'll drop to 22 degrees.....brrrrrrrr *ggg*


Anonymous said...

Well, it's easy for me to say, sucks to be you, since it's been in the 60's here, but um, I'd better keep my trap shut since I hear talk of a cold front that's going to be slapping us silly here soon. I'm telling you, as soon as I become famouser than Nora Roberts, I'm flying south for the winter.~Danica

Anna Lucia said...

Sheesh, I thought I was cold... it was about -2C last night. Yes, I know we're all wusses over here.

Honestly, though, hats off to ya. If it ever hit that temperature over here, the whole country would grind to a halt.

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