Saturday, December 11, 2004

Spoke too soon. ;-) I'm one of those 'never say die' type personalities. I really, really, really, hate giving up on anything I've put my mind towards pursuing. So of course I spent the whole afternoon trying to come up with a straight romance idea. And I did. :-) Got the premise at least, just need to figure out how much of a plot there is and if I need some sort of subplot. I think if I can write 3-4 staight romances, I can move on to the more darker stories.

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Amie Stuart said...

Why not do both? Gena S is doing romance (fantasy style) and doing the Mia Snow series...... =)

Okay time to get busy.

Jaye said...

Funny you should mention that, because that's exactly what I thought I'd give a run at. The two ideas are so different from each other--the straight romance is humorous like Felicity Stripped Bare, while the other one will be the first of a vampire trilogy--that it just may be doable. Plus, this time around I plan to write straight through, do all my fiddling, ect, then send out for crits. Writing 5 days a week, meeting the goal of 800 pages (400 x2) would mean writing 3 pages *in total* each day. It could happen. Actually, that would be just to finished the first drafts, I'd probably want to write more like 4 or 5 pages per day if I wanted the finished product(s) done by the end of the year.

Well, looks like I just stated a writing goal. :-)


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