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Sunday, December 12, 2004

Love my cps, but I'll admit that the concern of offending someone is a big concern of mine. I remember being very nervous when I sent out my first 'clinch' scene. I have to laugh at it now, because it wasn't even all that detail/explict. The sexual tension was very 'hot' though. But I've had cps who were uncomfortable with some of my language. In ms#2 it was the use of 'titties' and 'dick', although both mentions were sort of humorous since they were both in the deep POV of the heroine, and she has a unique way of thinking/speaking. These are the "offensive" bits: (er, Beneath the Skin copywrite of Vanessa Jaye, yaddah, yaddah):

Raine wiggled her hips, pushing the skirt down as Winston eased his erection from his pants. Holy Heaven. Her jaw dropped and the same time her skirt did. No diggety, she was in the presence of a real live Italian Stallion. Battalion. Cause sure as hell he had enough dick there for more than one man.


He tasted his way down her body. Stopping to nurse at one breast then the other and back again; his tongue drawing a wet path to and fro. Damn near driving her out of her mind with his tittie-technique.

Intially I changed the two words that made the cp squirm. But afterwards I changed them back, because they were the words that my heroine -left uncensored - used.

In another lovescene (ms#1), another cp thought the part where the hero strokes himself as the heroine watches, was "icky". (Maybe it was my mention of pre-cum? *gg*.) Now these ladies have every right to voice their negative reactions to any language/scene, but on the other hand it was, subconciously, causing me to second guess myself as I wrote--'Will this be offensive?'.

I know another cp of mine does not care for paranormal. I'm sure she would crit anything I wrote that was a para, but of course in the back of my mind would be the knowledge that she'd be critting a 400(+) ms that involved a premise she didn't care for....

Critique partners/groups/circles should be fluid things. Everyone's needs and goals change. You have to do a re-assement from time to time. At this point I like having a loose group of writing buddies I can count on for a crit, while leaving myself available to crit for them. (Although, within that group there are a couple of people that I would practically *beg* pleasepleaseplease *gg* to crit me.) It takes the pressure off any specific individuals--cause life happens, right?--and ensured no one gets bored or too familiar with another's voice. Plus you can parcel out your work to people you know will enjoy the material the most, and (hopefully) saves anyone from being left high and dry when something really needs to get done.

btw, CeCe you're one of those people I would beg. ;-) (Like all my previous begging was hint enough. snort )

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Teresa said...

I've been really fortunate with my cp's. We all seem to enjoy the mixture of genres, so we're up to criting anything.

But I know what you mean. You always wonder in your mind if your going to offend. I think that is what has been holding me back on writing the two short stories for the Amber Quill Contest.

Jaye said...

Hey there, Teresa! I say write your stories, then approach a couple of writing buddies/friends--who are not necessarily cps--but you know won't be turned off by the subject matter. It's the mommy litmust test, you know 'what whould my mother say if she read this scene?' Well, if moms was going to buy up, say 100,000 units of your/my book, I'd be worry plenty, *gg*, but since that ain't going to happen.... ;-)

Amie Stuart said...

Heheheeeee I'm so flattered! But I love your style, I think you're a terrific writer and a great CP =)
I understand about fluid and find myself moving more and more away from CP's targetting certain areas because they still tend to put their constraints on my voice (constraints I end up ignoring *ggg*)

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