Saturday, October 16, 2004

Today I need to finish up chapter 10. But first I have to do a crit for my writing bud, CeCe. Keep your eye on her folks.

I went on a major shopping spree the last two days--kind of a stress reliever. So now I'm poorer but better dressed. Yet, still stuck on chapter 10. I really should be finished these revisions. I've had a major agent ask for the full and another agent has the partial -- plus she has a partial from the second ms, due to the TRWA's Golden Opportunity Contest that I finalled in ( the entry is Beneath the Skin. Vanessa Jaye is the pen name I plan to use from here on in). So there's a distinct possibility she may be asking for a full as well. Maybe

And let's not forget the deadline for the RWA's Golden Hearts is fast approaching.

Am I not hungry enough for this pubbed, gig? I want to be pubbed and I love writing. But I'm not driven. That could be a problem. I'm driven to write better, but not necessarily driven to be pubbed. Part of me assumes that lack of drive is because I expect it to happen sooner or later, so I focus on what I can control/improve on--my craft.

But the other part of me starts to wonder, when I've got these opportunities staring me in the face and they haven't lit a fire under my ass.
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