Monday, October 11, 2004

Too much food. But it's all over now....except for the leftovers. Plus I managed to give the apartment a pretty good clean, so all is right with the world. I just need to spend an hour or so on rewrites, then go and hang out with the boy for the rest of the evening (this is after all a 'family' holiday, not a sit at the computer like you always do holiday. )

It's going to take a bit of used to, blogging. Kinda feel I should have something to SAY(!) or to VENT(!) or summin....

Revisions are coming along, but it's really frustrating. I feel I'm beyond this level--in terms of how this story originally unfolded and the way the characters were dipicted. I can do more depth and complexity. I'm finding it hard to infuse my new knowledge into this old story. But the story has good enough bones that I want to make the effort. We'll see if it's worth it.

Hope my fellow Canucks had a great Thanksgiving.

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Amie Stuart said...

Maybe a new story isn't bad VJ...I know we all gotta do what works for us, but you know, I've had more fun writing new stuff than manipulating old stuff w/my (current) rewrite LOL.

Jaye said...

I'm a dog with a bone CeCe. This story will just bug me until I make it the best that I'm capable of at this time. But, lord do I want to give it a rest and move on.

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