I did it!

Sunday, October 17, 2004

Perserverence is the coin of currency in Writer's Land! 7 pages of brand new material, and chapter 10 is done! And all the 'old' material (20 pages worth) that I wanted to incorporate in this chapter gets thrown into chapter 11. So technically, once I sort and smooth things out, chapter 11 is done also!

I *think* I'm over the hump with this baby. The motivations and the personalities of the characters changed with this rewrite. Plus I sliced and diced up the scenes with most of the shuffle happening at the begining part. But from here on in, it's *almost* all old material with some tweaking to fit the new story line, so there won't be so much 'tip-toeing' to make things work. And I have a pretty good grasp of the H/h's new personalities (or should that be new depths?).

So my big stressor now is: will I make the Golden Heart deadlines? This is a much better, stronger ms, so far, and I feel it could have a real decent shot at finalling.

'K, I'm done blabbering. But I'm sooo happy. Writer's block sucks the bag.
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