Six Months Later....

Friday, June 06, 2014

Has it been that long?! Crap.

So I'm trying something new, starting today. I checked my email and all my online/social sites this morning. 

And that's it.
I won't check in online again till this evening because I *need* to get shit done. Particularly with my writing-- I've got several partial first chapters on my hard-drive. This blog has been dormant for months. I've slagged off on going to the gym, and I have a couple of Learn A Second Language CDs hanging around that I've been meaning to get.  And yes, I do have to check email in the morning because I’ve signed up for several new job notifications/emails.
 Speaking of which….

The temp/contract position I landed late last year, which had the possibility of turning into permanent gig at one point,ended in April. Needless to say I was big-time bummed, and watching my savings dwindle/facing having to sell my house hasn't been fun, but I can't continue to wallow/dwell on the situation. I'll eventually get another job, I can only keep looking. And if I have to sell, I know I'll buy again. at some point 
In the meantime, I can accomplish some goals rather than let anxiety/depression rule me. Easier said than done, of course, as anyone who has had to wrestle with these issues, knows; plus, yeah, I'm one of "those" writers whose creative dries up when I'm stressed out of my mind. lol. Considering my stress levels may not be changing any time too soon, just gotta put my head down and git-er done. One thing for sure, I can't keep trying to 'self-medicate' via online distractions. 

So, I've got a sci-fi cyborg hero idea, sci-fi/time-traveller heroine idea, a dragon-shifters series idea, a werewolf/secret baby(ack!!) idea and a succubus heroine idea, all with several pages written for each manuscript. I also have the first chapter of Mitch's story (follow up to Hunter of the Heart) just about done, nevermind the two story excerpts posted on my coming soon (ack!!) book page, each with several chapters already written and collecting on my hard-drive collecting dust. Oh yeah, every year I promise myself I'll write Jack Frost's story since my freebie, The Werewolf who Stole Christmas, 'visually' remains my most popular book in terms of the number of reviews it generates.  And of course poor Robert from Felicity Stripped Bare still needs his own book.

Yeah, I'd say I have more than enough to distract me from my problems. :-P
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Jorrie Spencer said...

Hey, best of luck getting those manuscripts whipped into shape. Hopefully the sunny weather and long days help, as well.

vanessa jaye said...

Hey Jorrie, I spent more time editing stuff getting re-acquainted with the story. Tomorrow I should get some new words down. It was gorgeous outside today, wasn't it?!

azteclady said...


I have been wondering how you were doing, and I'm glad to hear from you, while being bummed for you about the job situation.

Been there, done that, sucked big hairy ones.

Here's to distraction from big problems through writing!

(As you say, easier said than done, but start small and build on each success without dwelling setbacks--also been there, done that)

Best of luck with the job hunt as well!

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks for the hug and the good luck wishes, Aztec! This has been one of the worse experiences of my life. But in some ways good, also. Made me think and make some needed re-adjustments. I just want to get another job and move forward with my life. :P

vanessa jaye said...

Hey guys, I just accepted a job offer today. Once all the paperwork goes through, my start date is June 23!!

Jorrie Spencer said...

Very happy to hear such great news!

vanessa jaye said...

Thanks Jorrie! *BIG grin*

I checked my email this morning and the first thing I saw was a job alert notice from Workopolis.

I smiled as I deleted it without even opening it. :D Life is good.

azteclady said...

This is awesome news! (sorry I just got to reading it)

Here's hoping it's a GREAT fit!

(I'm on a new job myself, and it's just the best thing ever)

(No, really, it is)

vanessa jaye said...

Aaaaahhhhh!! Aztec, I'm so happy for you!!! I tried to leave a message at your blog, but my wordpress signin is screwed up. Good for you! I think what kept me sane was remembering how the temp job I got in Dec happened out of the blue, when I was at my lowest. We can never see the solution that just around the next corner. So totally agree with to never give up! Crazy amazing stuff happens when you least expect it. So happy for you!! And, yup, I'm hoping this is a good fit. I think it will be. *fingers crossed*

azteclady said...

The comment got snagged by the spam filter, but it's now visible.

And here's with fingers crossed and the best wishes going your way for this to be a wonderful, fulfilling experience!

You are good people, and good people deserve good things.

Sometimes takes a lot longer than we would like, then they come around in unexpected ways indeed.

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