Learning to ride the bike…. again

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

If you’ve passed by here semi-regularly, you’ve seen me post many times about trying to achieve balance in my life. There were a lot of stressful markers I was continually dealing with, including deaths,  relationship meltdowns, financial and health concerns, and a couple of really toxic situations with some really poisonous people.  You know, the usual.

Then things really went off track in the last year. lol.
Big changes at work, not the least of which was the very real concern that I’d stay employed. I did, but others didn’t.  There were others who, for all intents and purposes, got demoted.  I made a lateral move/transfer.

The good news is, I like my new department.  A lot of the negativity I’d been dealing with is gone because of the change and there are new opportunities here that I believe I’ll get great satisfaction in. BUT… there’s been a HUGE learning curve, so steep at times it feels virtually perpendicular.   And of course the shit in real life never stops happening, like in the space of a couple of days the basement started leaking during a particular heavy rainfall then the A/C died.  lol.
But I handled it and kept my sanity, something I doubt would have happened even 6 months ago with copings skills that had been severely compromised.   Extreme and continued stress, anxiety, insomnia, depression tends to do that.  

Anywho, the last 2 things that I’m still working on is regular exercise and writing.  The exercise I’ve had better luck with if only because I walk part of the way home every day after work (30mins).  The writing has been sporadic.  I’m beginning to think Mitch’s story isn’t really Mitch’s story.  This hero may be some other character and the connection between this story and Hunter of the Heart, is Alejandro. We’ll see.

In the meantime, I’m going to put it aside for a bit. I’ve been spinning my wheels on this story for too long. I’ll come back to it fresh. There’s another sci-fi/romance novella I want to write, and I just joined a yahoo writers group, where we post our daily word count.  Also, after exchanging several emails with my writing bud Samantha Storm, we’re going to do a fast draft (based on Candace Haven’s method) for two weeks. She can’t start until the 13th but I’m going to get going today. 

In fact, since I have today off, I’ll write on the train while I head down to the gym.  
Oh yeah,  considering I’ve finally done up a proper blog post, albeit a navel gazing one, I’ll be scratching 3 things off today’s To-Do list. J
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azteclady said...

Welcome back, great news on the lateral move (mine is effective tomorrow, hope is as positive as yours), and here's wishing you great success in the fast draft.

*tip of the hat*

vanessa jaye said...

Hey babes, Thank you!! I hope your change is all for the better, too! :D

Lori said...

Life has been challenging here too and I feel weirdly comforted reading your post and knowing I'm not alone.

The amazing part is that you got through it.

What's a fast draft?

vanessa jaye said...

Lori, I think a lot of people are struggling in silence but it really does help when you realize that others can relate to stuff you're strugglng with.

Fast draft is essentially nanoing. Do some planning/thinking before hand, then write like the wind. No editing/revisions until the story is done.

This is sooooooo not the way I write. I tweak and revise and edit as I go along, but this time I'm willing to just write straight through. Just need to get through my rut. :P

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