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Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Tension: mental or emotional strain; intense, suppressed suspense, anxiety, or excitement.
I’ve a run into a couple of books lately that started out great; I was all excited to immerse myself in story after reading the synopsis, only to find myself putting the book(s) down for long periods at a time, vaguely bored. The problem was lack of tension. Either the delicious conflict I was expecting to build throughout the story, becoming more and more excruciating with the passing of each chapter -- essentially the very premise I was sold on in the synopsis/blurb--was resolved fairly simply within a few chapters. Or perhaps it was either that the direness of the situation it was exaggerated in the blurb or the author didn’t wade in neck deep into the conflict, but gloss over it.
The other disappointment was the lack of sexual tension, or sexual attraction/tension that was acted on too soon. Sure I enjoy a (very) hot/kinky book but I’d like my hero/heroine to be writhing with longing for a good period of time before they’re writhing against each other as their lusty appetites are satisfied.
Have you ever anticipated a really great meal? Your mouth is watering and you’ve practically loosened your belt before you’re seated. Your mood is lifted thinking about the companionship, the laughter and stimulating conversation, the linen, the lighting, the favoured music, the sparkle of glasses and weight of cutlery… see what I’m getting at? It’s not just Homer Simpsonnom-nom-nom hunkered down over a turkey leg and ripping into the meat, barely chewing before he swallows (although, there’s definitely a time for that type of animalistic consumption). But the meal is more than just the eating. Many times the story is more than just the telling. It should be just as much about the build-up as the delivery of the promise implied in the synopsis.
It’s about the wait.

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