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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Still plugging away at my galleys (that are due tomorrow!!) Anywho, it hasn't been quite as painful as I'd thought. So far it hasn't been a matter of typos as much as snipping/smoothing out phrasing/word choices.

Anywho, I'm really enjoying this revisit to the story and thought I'd share one scene that always makes me chuckle. This isn't an exchange between the hero/heroine, Tessa and Nate, (he is in the back of the taxi with her in this scene though) but it's one of my favourites bits from Hunter:

Farther out, turquoise waters deepened to a rich sapphire
and above that the cloudless azure sky stretched as far as the
eye could see. Tessa would have lost herself in the view, if it
weren’t for the fact that she was about to meet her maker any
second now in a fiery skidding plunge off the cliff-side road.

With a sharp gasp, she grabbed the headrest of the seat in
front of her as Silas took another hairpin turn without slowing
down. Mitch looked over his shoulder at her and winked, his
straight white teeth on prominent display.

Alarmingly, in what had to be a misguided attempt at
reassurance, Silas turned to her also. Thereby… Taking. His. Eyes.
Off. The. Road.

“Not to fret, pretty lady. I travel dis road many, many

Tessa stared straight ahead—after all, someone had to watch
where the car was hurtling towards—and dug her fingernails
into the battered upholstery. Only when he turned back to the
steering wheel did her pulse slow a smidgen.

“Silas won’t let anything happen to you,” Mitch offered.

With Silas beaming at her through the rearview mirror,
Tessa allowed a small smile to stretch her lips. Mitch was right.
Silas wouldn’t be careless enough to let anything happen.

His driving was much more deliberate than that.
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