Scaling Mt. Toberead

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

I have boxes of unread books, unpacked from our move into this house 5yrs ago, downstairs in the basement, as well as unread books stacked two deep in the basement bookcases.

Then there are the mushrooming piles of books in various rooms upstairs...

This is one side table in the livingroom:

And these shopping totes/bags are tucked under the other sidetable.

I can't be arse to go upstairs and take pics of the bags/piles of books on my bedroom floor, but they're equal to, if not more than, what's in the livingroom.
Keeping in mind these are just print books and not to-be-read ebooks, it's time to take action. I can only deal with clutter/mess for a certain amount of time before taking a scorced earth approach to the problem. Subconciously, clutter makes me edgy.

Though sorely tempted to just cart the books off to the UBS without reading them, I can't make myself do it, so time for some goal setting:
The Procastination Station 2012 Bag O' Books Challenge. (that title is a little self-defeating. Think about it. lol)
I may do some reviews/commentaries on some of the books, but mostly will just keep track of my progress here on the blog.

Going to start with one of the smaller piles on the side table:

Hopefully I'll read all 7 books by the end of January.

Kresley Cole's If You Decieve
Lynne Graham's Jewel In His Crown
Martha Grimes' I Am The Only Running Footman
Jo Goodman's Kissing Comfort
Theresa Meyer's The Hunter
Jane Goodger's When A Duke Says I Do
Justine Musk's Univited

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azteclady said...

I don't want to think about my very own TBR sprawling and ever growing, soon to be seen from outer space, TBR Mountain Range--but I signed on for Wendy's TBR challenge this year.

vanessa jaye said...

I'm almost tempted to join Wendy's challenge and do it parallel to this, but I'm honestly not sure how well I'll do. :/

azteclady said...


You know you can.

(says the woman who's already sweating the ONE challenge she'll join all year)

vanessa jaye said...

I started a new TBR read last night. An ebook, not one of the many, many, many print ones lying around. <--this will be my problem in a nutshell. :(

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